Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stone Sundays - Black Jade

While Jade is traditionally known and most commonly found as a green stone, it does have other colour variations. This week I am going to discuss black Jade. The piece I have is one which I wear a lot, especially at work. It is in the form of a donut shape which I often wear as a pendant.

Jade in all its colours is a stone that allows access to the spiritual realms, especially opening one up to the dream world and helping one to problem solve while dreaming. Besides helping the wearer to gain mystical knowledge, it also is said to grant long life and a peaceful death.
Black Jade, like many other black stones contains protective energy. It creates a shield around the wearer, deflecting negative energy, particularly from energy vampires or those wishing to direct anger towards you. It also shields one against negativity and fear projected by media and is helpful for remaining calm in a crisis.
Besides defending against outward negativity, it also helps one to look inward and self evaluate and look at your shadow side for healing and self knowledge.
It is a very healing stone and is especially helpful to those in the medical field as it helps protect against illness and to remain calm in a stressful situation. It also helps those with physical disabilities or limitations to remain positive and not give up on going out or remaining active.
Wearing black Jade at work is beneficial as it helps to recharge energy and deflect anyone seeking to bully or control you in any way.
I love wearing this stone for all those reasons and feel it does help me during work or when just going about day to day activities. I also enjoy donut shaped crystals as they are easy to make into pendants and have that retro 90s vibe.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Witchy Wednesday's - Candle Magick - Candle Sizes

For my second part of my candle magick series, I will discuss candle size - another component in choosing candles for spell work. Consider the purpose and how long you want the candle to burn for as this will determine the size you are looking for.

Tea Lights
Probably the cheapest and simplest option, tea lights are great for quarter candles, altar light and daily devotional work. They burn out relatively fast, so can be used for quick simple spells. The down side is dressing them with oil or inscribing runes or other symbols is fairly limited.

Votive Candles
Votives are a great option as they come in a variety of colours. They make great quarter candles as they will last several rituals. For spells they are a great option as they have lots of room for adding oils and herbs especially if you want something that takes longer to burn. They can also be burned in a votive holder as devotional candles.

Taper Candles
Like the votives these are great for slightly longer spells, so make sure you have the good part of a day to let them burn out of using them for spell work. They also make wonderful altar candles and come in so many different colours.
I personally prefer mini taper candles for my spell work as they usually burn out in a couple of hours. They also have lots of room for dressing them with plus and writing magical intentions on.

Pillar Candles
Pillar candles are great for long term spells. You can bless them with your intention and light them over several days for long lasting results. They also make great God or Goddess candles as you can energize them and use them for long periods of time.
You can also get pillars in glass jars known as seven day candles. Many are sold in Catholic or Santeria stores and can be adapted for your practice.

Specialty Candles
Many metaphysical shops sell specially shaped candles such as the one above for love, lust or fertility. There are also ones in the shape of an individual Man or Woman that can be used for healings, love, etc. Another popular shape is the skull for banishing and protective spells.

As you can see size and shape of a candle can help enhance your spell work, so consider this when picking out your candles.
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Moonstruck Mondays - New Moon in Aquarius and Year of the Monkey

Today marks the lunar new year, in the eastern calendar. 2016 is the year of the Monkey, the Fire Monkey in particular. Monkeys are funny, curious, active and at times unpredictable. They are confident, and adaptable, but can also be cunning and cruel. Interestingly the Monkey is the ninth sign of the zodiac and this year is a 9 year numerologically, bringing the energy of completion and the end of a cycle.

Here is a brief synopsis of what the Monkey year means for you. If you don't know your Chinese zodiac sign, you can look it up Here .

Rat A great year for career and money. Investments and partnerships come your way. In relationships be clear in your communication so as to avoid arguments.

A good year of you are a student as you will advance and make progress. Unexpected help comes your way. This year is a great time to try new things and make a change or travel.

Tiger and Monkey do not get along, so this will be a year of conflict and unpredictability for tiger. You may feel stressed by career changes, travel or by changing residence. Try not to let these stresses cause conflict with others.

A lucky year for rabbit! You will attract money and perhaps a promotion too. It's a good year to invest and to start your own business.

This is a year of inspiration and expansion. If you are in a creative or academic field especially so for you. New philosophies, spiritual teachings and art may be sources for you. It's a great year to expand your knowledge and to make new friends.

Not the best year for Snakes as anxiety and worry about family may plague you. Try not to worry too much that it leads to depression and withdrawal. Be careful and frugal with money. If you are you can still get ahead financially this year.

This born in a Horse year will also find this year a bit of a struggle. Emotions may get the better of you especially at work, so avoid losing your temper. Some may use this against you, so remain calm this year and trust your instincts about people.

A lucky year for sheep for romance, and money. Bonuses, windfalls and love will all find their way to you this year. It is also a good year for starting a business. Watch your health especially when travelling this year as you may have a lower immune system.

It's your year monkey! With some hard work you will get ahead at work and experience slow but steady growth. You may attract a lot of attention with your success. Don't over work and take some time off. Watch your health and make sure you are exercising and eating right to maintain optimum vitality.

Carter and romance go well for you this year. Progress in your career looks positive and you have a knack this year of attracting luck to get you out of tight spots. Love is also an area of positive growth for you. Watch being tempted by too many pleasures and frittering away money.

A challenging year for dogs. Avoid going to extremes or making accusations. Let yourself calm down if agitated, before making a decision. Be very careful about signing contracts this year as they may not be to your benefit. Also watch the health of older relatives this year.

This is a year to work on communication especially with loved ones. Be honest and clear but also take their feelings into account when making decisions as otherwise it can lead to disappointment. Also make sure to get lots of sleep this year and time out to rest.

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Stone Sunday - Jet

This week I am continuing with my series on black stones in my collection. This week I am going to be talking about jet, also called black amber or lignite.

Jet is not actually a crystal, or even a stone, as it is petrified wood that has become lignite coal. It is found mostly commonly in England and Germany, though it occurs in other parts of the world as well. It varies in colour from dark brown to black and can be polished to give it a nice sheen. There are also fake variety. You can tell the difference as real jet maintains a static charge when rubbed against fabric and is also lighter than other stones (and the fake jet) as it is actually wood.
Jet like many black stones is protective. Unlike tourmaline which repels negative energy, jet absorbs negativity, so it is important to keep it cleansed and cleared regularly.
Jet is especially affective at healing grief and was very popular as mourning jewelry during the Victorian era, being a favourite of the Queen herself. When set in silver this power seems to be amplified.
Jet is very protective against psychic attacks as it not only absorbs the negativity but also helps to transform the energy into clarity and peace. For this reason it is used by those practicing magic and is good for improving clairvoyance as it allows you to see psychic energy clearly without fear.
It is a good stone to carry for those suffering from anxiety as well. It helps calm the wearer and absorb fears of any unwanted energy they may be picking up from others.
Jet is a common and relatively inexpensive stone. I recommend it for any collection.

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