Sunday, 31 January 2016

Witchy Wednesdays - Candle Magick - Colours

For one of my new features on my blog, I will be doing Witchy Wednesdays, where I will pick a topic for the month and then post weekly about various aspects of it. This month I have decided to post on candle magick. I thought it was fitting, given that we start the month with Imbolc/Candlemas a celebration of light.

Candle Colours
When considering a candle for using in magick, colour is a very important aspect. Pick a colour you associate with your desired goal. I have listed below the colour associations I use and these ones are fairly common. Please remember to use what works for you though as our associations might not be the same. For example, green might speak to someone else as prosperity and money, but maybe gold has a stronger connection to wealth for you.
Also it's good to note that if you don't have or can't find a candle in the colour you want, a white candle will stand in for any colour, and is really all you need. The reason we use colour is because it speaks to our subconscious and that is the part of our mind we want to activate when spell casting.

White Will stand in for any colour, unity, purity, balance, cleansing, consecration, spiritual healing, innocence, truth.
Yellow Air element, joy, travel, communication, learning, memory, solar magick, charm, humour, confidence.
OrangeCreativity, change, sensuality, self expression, business success, fun, transformation.
RedFire element, sexuality, passion, vitality, strength,survival, courage, sports, competition.
Magenta Use this colour for quick changes and in conjunction with other candle colours to boost energy to spells. Also beauty, self love, self confidence, glamour.
Pink Love, friendship, children, pets, gentleness, feminine energy, domestic harmony, nurturing, emotional healing.
Lavender Intuition, knowledge, feminine energy.
PurpleSpirituality, intuition, knowledge, psychic development, divination, breaking habits, wisdom, spirit contact.
BlueWater element, communication, learning, study, wisdom, ancestor energy, calmness, justice, astral projection, forgiveness.
Light Blue Peace, meditation, protection.
TourquoiseFriendship, peace, fun, long distance communication.
GreenProsperity, abundance, money, plant magick, physical healing, Earth element.
BrownGrounding, animal magick, home blessing, construction, food, turning finances around.
Black Protection, banishing, grounding, safety, reversing, unhexing, defending, scrying.
Grey Balance, calm, neutralizing.
SilverGoddess energy, Lunar energy, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, gambling luck.
GoldGod energy, solar energy, luck, prosperity, luxury.

I hope this helps you decide on which candles to use for your magick. Even if your don't practice the Craft, you might want to think about candle colour the next time you pick one out for your house and the energy it can bring.

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Moonstruck Mondays - Imbolc

This Tuesday February 2, is the pagan celebration of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere(some celebrate on Feb.01). Marking the half way point between winter solstice and spring equinox, it is a time when we begin to notice the days getting a bit longer and not so dark as we move towards spring.

In northern Europe this was an important time as the first signs of spring begin to show and it was at this time of year that sheep began to give birth and lactate. This meant that there was food to survive until other sources became available. It was a time of hope after the long dark days of winter.
Also called Brigid's Day, this is a day when many pagans celebrate the renewal and rebirth of the Goddess from being the crone or lady of death, to the maiden. It is called Brigid's Day, as the Celts celebrated this popular three gold Goddess of healing, the forge, and poetry on this day. It is traditional to make a Brigid's cross (see below) or a doll representing her and place it in a bed symbolizing her rebirth.

Another name for this day is Candlemas. When the medieval church was unable to eliminate many pagan celebrations they adapted them. They changed the day to the celebration of Jesus' dedication in the temple. It is this association plus Brigid's association with the fire and the forge and the returning light of the sun, which all contribute this to being a celebration of light, particularly candles.
The only modern holiday left for this day is Groundhog Day. This is not without significance though, as the day was associated with animal augury. People would look at the movements of animals to try to predict the coming weather and how soon before they could start growing crops again. When the early settlers moved to North America, they took this tradition with them, where it survives as Groundhog Day.
Where I live I have to adapt the holiday as it is still the middle of winter here. I see it as a winter celebration and a reminder that we are halfway through and it will come to an end. I also celebrate it as a time to start some spring cleaning and to dedicate myself for the year to my plans made at New Years.

Imbolc Astrology
This February 2 the moon is in the fourth quarter and moves into the sign of Sagittarius. This makes it a great time for protective spells and clearing out clutter. Get rid of that which doesn't bring you joy, wether it's household accumulation, or negative habits or relationships. The sun in Aquarius also makes it a good time to focus on long term goals for learning and for bettering humanity as a whole. This could be a good time to direct some energy to world peace and harmonizing a divisive political environment.

Whatever you decide to do, wether you are celebrating or not, I hope you experience a renewal of hope and a beautiful upcoming Spring!

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Stone Sunday - Black Tourmaline

I thought I would start a new feature on my blog - Stone Sunday, in which I will be discussing my crystal collection. I will discuss a stone each week and it's attributes. It's also a great excuse to pick up some more stones. ;)
I wanted to start with the black stones and work my way through the colours. Black stones are generally thought to be grounding and protective. Though each stone has different qualities unique to each kind. They are all associated with the root chakra (located at the base of the spine and coloured red),though also with the lesser known earth chakra, located beneath the feet and that connects us to Mother Earth.

Black Tourmaline
This is my favourite of the black crystals and one of my favourite overall. It is the most effective stone at combating negativity and providing protection. While many black crystals protect by absorbing negative energy, black tourmaline works by actually repelling negative energy.
Also known as Schorl, it was named after the town of the same name in Germany where large deposits can be found nearby. It is the most common type of tourmaline by far. Other colours such as red, yellow, brown, green, blue and violet are also found but are much rarer and have different attributes. Depending on the mix of iron, magnesium or other metals in this aluminum borosilicate stone, the colour will vary.
In medieval times, sorcerers and alchemists used black tourmaline believing it would protect them from demons. While we may not be summoning beings from the other side in our daily lives, tourmaline can still protect us from negative energy people may be consciously or unconsciously, sending our way. It creates an effective psychic shield against, gossip, whining people, psychic vampires and others that might otherwise drain you.
Besides negativity from people, black tourmaline also protects against electromagnetic pollution. For this reason, it is good to place some near your computer, and in your office. You can also place it in the corners of your house to protect from this and from any negative energy in the home. This stone has also shown to be helpful in protecting homes from negative spirits.
While it may not be the prettiest stone for wearing, I would still encourage wearing it on your person. You can even place it in a coat pocket or purse to keep you and your valuables safe. It's grounding and protective energy make it great for use in crystal grids as well.
As you can tell, I highly recommend this stone and consider it a basic one to have around. Its grounding, protective and calming energies make it a good starter stone for those just getting their collection going. It is widely available and very affordable too.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tarot Callenge Days 21 - 26

I'm back with another Tarot Tuesday video. Once again I'm participating in days 21 - 26 of the tarot challenge. This has been a really great way to share in the tarot community and I've really enjoyed hearing everyone's answers.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weekly Roundup of Videos

Being sick this week I fell behind on updating the blog. Below are the videos from this past week.

Recovering from Illness and Poll

This past week did not start out as expected. It was a rough last week and I can't help but wonder of Mercury retrograde is playing a bit of havoc in my life. First our furnace went out on the prior Tuesday when it was-30 C! Very thankfully the local Hydro company came and got it up and running the next morning. It sure makes you appreciate modern utilities.
Then last weekend, the flu swept through the house. I was at home sick Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Sunday was the worst - the "everything must go" day. After I lay for two days like a limp noodle on my couch. I did get lots of sleep and caught up on blog reading and YouTube watching, so there was a bonus to it.
I'm back to normal again and am excited to get back to routine. This month I started doing drop in hours at a local metaphysical shop Radiance Gifts
And am enjoying it. I'm honoured to be able to read for others at my favourite shops.

Dressed up cozy today in my scarf and skull sweater.

So I'm wondering what direction to take this blog in. Do you want more fashion? astrology posts? Crystals? Weird Victorian history? Let me know what you're interested in dear readers.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Craft

The Craft

Floppy hat
41 CAD -

Jami pendants necklace
51 CAD -

Tattoo choker
7.27 CAD -

Hand bag
36 CAD -

RVCA dress
36 CAD -

Relaxfeel black cape
52 CAD -

Beston knee high boots
80 CAD -

This look makes me think of the classic 90s cult monie the Craft. The ratio choker and lace up boots with the drapery shawl and floppy hat, all say witchy to me. "Mister we are the weirdos."

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

31 Day Tarot Challenge Days 9 - 13

I meant to film this yesterday but my furnace went out and it was not condusive to comfort. It was -30 out and it got pretty cold last night in the house. The furnace is fixed now though and I am recovering from a lack of sleep. I am answering the days 9 -13 of the tarot challenge and also have some tarot sets to possibly trade. I am organizing my books and decks and thought these ones might need new homes.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Week of 2016 Back to Routine

The hoopla of the holiday season is now over and the tree is taken down and put away. I ended up leaving it up until the 9th. This was partly out of laziness and partly out of tradition. My mother always said to leave it up until Ukrainian Christmas on the 7th.
The tree we got this year was massive and took over the whole living room. It looked so small in the warehouse, but then we got it home and it wasn't so small anymore. Now that it's from my living room feels so massive and empty.
I also find myself looking for leftover treats, as I'm going through holiday snacks withdrawal. The fruit cake and mince pies are gone, the cookies are eaten and there is just a smattering of chocolate and wine leftover. Well at least there is Valentine's Day chocolates to look forward to.
I'm also back at work after a couple of weeks off and getting back on schedule which does feel good, as nice as it is to have a holiday. It's nice to get back to things and the new year feels like a fresh blank canvass in which to paint my life upon.
I started drop in hours at a local metaphysical shop Check out the shop herefor tarot readings on Sunday's 12 - 5pm. I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to this new venture for 2016.
Hope everyone is having a great January!

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

tarot Challenge Days 1 - 8

a great Youtubers Ethony is doing a January Challenge, 31 days of questions about tarot. I decided to participate and answer days 1 to 8. If you watch until the end I have a surprise announcement.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My 2016 decks

I wanted to do a quick video of the decks I'm working with for 2016 especially for January and February. My daily draw deck is Wisdom of the Oracle and my weekly deck is Nature's Wisdom. Right now I'm working with the Wildwood Tarot and Easy Lenormand for January and February.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Roundup

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope 2015 was good to you. Even if it was a tough one, I hope 2016 brings you all the best.
I love New Years because it is a chance for fresh starts and I feel blessed to be gifted with another year. Who knows what adventures it will bring!

Here's a few things I learnt or accomplished in 2015.

1. I Got my tarot business going
I made an Etsy store towards the end of 2014, but in 2015 I revamped it more to my liking and even made a website! I ordered business cards and most excitingly found a great metaphysics store to read out of on Sundays. I have been shopping at Radiance Gifts for years, so being able to give readings there is a huge honour.
I also started offering astrology birth charts and attended some rural psychic fairs as a reader, which was a lot of fun.

2. I continued to make art
While the pace of creation slowed down last year and I wasn't nearly as productive as I would of liked, I did still paint even between working full time, being a step parent and starting up my business, so I think it's a victory. I currently have my latest works showing at the Auxiliary Gallery at the Cre8ery Gallery and Studio . I am looking forward to being a part of a group show in March with some of my artist friends I graduated with back in the early 2000s.

3. I overcame some health issues I started 2015 by getting pretty sick with a flu and then developing what I thought was a bad UTI, although no amount of antibiotics cleared it up. I spent a month felling like I perpetually needed to go to the bathroom (TMI?). It was very uncomfortable. Finally my doctor said it was Intersistal Cystitus, which is basically an unhappy bladder. There is no cure, but 50% of people just have it spontaneously go away. I was put on Amitryptaline to relax me which was a godsend and not only did it help that but it also helped my anxiety which I have been struggling with. I eventually went off of it and the issue disappeared, which I am so so grateful for. It did help me realize that it's okay sometimes to take medicine when I'm having anxiety issues. While I don't want to rely on it and was resisting it because I was worried it would somehow make me less sensitive or less me, I know now it's okay to take medicine sometimes when it's really bad. I wouldn't suffer through a physical ailment and try to be tough, so why would I suffer mentally?

4. I slowed down
My health issues forced me at the start of the year to slow down. I had to withdraw a bit from some extra curricular activities and take care of myself. It forced me to say no and put myself as a priority. This was a good lesson for me and helped me to reassess some activities and relationships.

5. I said goodbye to some people
This year my Grandpa passed away at the age of 98. This was hard even though I knew he couldn't live forever. I was blessed to have had him in my life for so long. Below is a picture of my Grandpa's parents (upper left and upper centre) and my great great grandpa (centre). This my Dad's side of the family, so the French Canadian side. The photo was taken in 1913, four years before my Grandpa was born.

Two of my good friends moved away this year as well, to the other side of the country. While these are not permanent goodbyes and we will visit, and connect online, I miss being able to go out for dinner with them and hang out when we want to.

Again I hope 2016 will be an amazing year for all of us. I can't wait to see what adventures await!

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Weekly Tarotscope Jan 4 - 10

I thought for the first week of 2016 I would read using the Lofe Purpose Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue. I use the cards in conjunction with tarot, lenormand and other oracle cards when reading for clients. I find them helpful especially when doing a yearly reading to help with in pointing a theme and often confirms the other cards. I thought it would be fun to pull one for each sign for the year. If you'd prefer to think of it just as for the week, then please feel free to think of the reading as for the week.