Sunday, 7 February 2016

Witchy Wednesday's - Candle Magick - Candle Sizes

For my second part of my candle magick series, I will discuss candle size - another component in choosing candles for spell work. Consider the purpose and how long you want the candle to burn for as this will determine the size you are looking for.

Tea Lights
Probably the cheapest and simplest option, tea lights are great for quarter candles, altar light and daily devotional work. They burn out relatively fast, so can be used for quick simple spells. The down side is dressing them with oil or inscribing runes or other symbols is fairly limited.

Votive Candles
Votives are a great option as they come in a variety of colours. They make great quarter candles as they will last several rituals. For spells they are a great option as they have lots of room for adding oils and herbs especially if you want something that takes longer to burn. They can also be burned in a votive holder as devotional candles.

Taper Candles
Like the votives these are great for slightly longer spells, so make sure you have the good part of a day to let them burn out of using them for spell work. They also make wonderful altar candles and come in so many different colours.
I personally prefer mini taper candles for my spell work as they usually burn out in a couple of hours. They also have lots of room for dressing them with plus and writing magical intentions on.

Pillar Candles
Pillar candles are great for long term spells. You can bless them with your intention and light them over several days for long lasting results. They also make great God or Goddess candles as you can energize them and use them for long periods of time.
You can also get pillars in glass jars known as seven day candles. Many are sold in Catholic or Santeria stores and can be adapted for your practice.

Specialty Candles
Many metaphysical shops sell specially shaped candles such as the one above for love, lust or fertility. There are also ones in the shape of an individual Man or Woman that can be used for healings, love, etc. Another popular shape is the skull for banishing and protective spells.

As you can see size and shape of a candle can help enhance your spell work, so consider this when picking out your candles.
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  1. Great article!

    I always loved all those shaped candles like pyramids and mushrooms and things when I was a kid, they seem quite rare now.

    I have to be more careful with candles now I have pets. I usually just use a tealight and blow it out when I am done.