Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stone Sundays - Black Jade

While Jade is traditionally known and most commonly found as a green stone, it does have other colour variations. This week I am going to discuss black Jade. The piece I have is one which I wear a lot, especially at work. It is in the form of a donut shape which I often wear as a pendant.

Jade in all its colours is a stone that allows access to the spiritual realms, especially opening one up to the dream world and helping one to problem solve while dreaming. Besides helping the wearer to gain mystical knowledge, it also is said to grant long life and a peaceful death.
Black Jade, like many other black stones contains protective energy. It creates a shield around the wearer, deflecting negative energy, particularly from energy vampires or those wishing to direct anger towards you. It also shields one against negativity and fear projected by media and is helpful for remaining calm in a crisis.
Besides defending against outward negativity, it also helps one to look inward and self evaluate and look at your shadow side for healing and self knowledge.
It is a very healing stone and is especially helpful to those in the medical field as it helps protect against illness and to remain calm in a stressful situation. It also helps those with physical disabilities or limitations to remain positive and not give up on going out or remaining active.
Wearing black Jade at work is beneficial as it helps to recharge energy and deflect anyone seeking to bully or control you in any way.
I love wearing this stone for all those reasons and feel it does help me during work or when just going about day to day activities. I also enjoy donut shaped crystals as they are easy to make into pendants and have that retro 90s vibe.

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  1. Maybe the reason I love black so much is the protective energy! I should keep an eye out for this! I need all the protection against negativity I can get!

  2. I haven't found black jade yet, but I lucked out and got my hands on both a jet and a black tourmaline pendant today. I feel the tourmaline is really strong and powerful! Thanks for the information!