Sunday, 31 January 2016

Witchy Wednesdays - Candle Magick - Colours

For one of my new features on my blog, I will be doing Witchy Wednesdays, where I will pick a topic for the month and then post weekly about various aspects of it. This month I have decided to post on candle magick. I thought it was fitting, given that we start the month with Imbolc/Candlemas a celebration of light.

Candle Colours
When considering a candle for using in magick, colour is a very important aspect. Pick a colour you associate with your desired goal. I have listed below the colour associations I use and these ones are fairly common. Please remember to use what works for you though as our associations might not be the same. For example, green might speak to someone else as prosperity and money, but maybe gold has a stronger connection to wealth for you.
Also it's good to note that if you don't have or can't find a candle in the colour you want, a white candle will stand in for any colour, and is really all you need. The reason we use colour is because it speaks to our subconscious and that is the part of our mind we want to activate when spell casting.

White Will stand in for any colour, unity, purity, balance, cleansing, consecration, spiritual healing, innocence, truth.
Yellow Air element, joy, travel, communication, learning, memory, solar magick, charm, humour, confidence.
OrangeCreativity, change, sensuality, self expression, business success, fun, transformation.
RedFire element, sexuality, passion, vitality, strength,survival, courage, sports, competition.
Magenta Use this colour for quick changes and in conjunction with other candle colours to boost energy to spells. Also beauty, self love, self confidence, glamour.
Pink Love, friendship, children, pets, gentleness, feminine energy, domestic harmony, nurturing, emotional healing.
Lavender Intuition, knowledge, feminine energy.
PurpleSpirituality, intuition, knowledge, psychic development, divination, breaking habits, wisdom, spirit contact.
BlueWater element, communication, learning, study, wisdom, ancestor energy, calmness, justice, astral projection, forgiveness.
Light Blue Peace, meditation, protection.
TourquoiseFriendship, peace, fun, long distance communication.
GreenProsperity, abundance, money, plant magick, physical healing, Earth element.
BrownGrounding, animal magick, home blessing, construction, food, turning finances around.
Black Protection, banishing, grounding, safety, reversing, unhexing, defending, scrying.
Grey Balance, calm, neutralizing.
SilverGoddess energy, Lunar energy, intuition, dreams, psychic ability, gambling luck.
GoldGod energy, solar energy, luck, prosperity, luxury.

I hope this helps you decide on which candles to use for your magick. Even if your don't practice the Craft, you might want to think about candle colour the next time you pick one out for your house and the energy it can bring.

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  1. Great idea writing about candle magick!

  2. How useful, thank you! I don't tend to leave candles around burning for decoration as I don't want to burn the house down but I may get a few candles just for quick spells.