Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Craft

The Craft

Floppy hat
41 CAD -

Jami pendants necklace
51 CAD -

Tattoo choker
7.27 CAD -

Hand bag
36 CAD -

RVCA dress
36 CAD -

Relaxfeel black cape
52 CAD -

Beston knee high boots
80 CAD -

This look makes me think of the classic 90s cult monie the Craft. The ratio choker and lace up boots with the drapery shawl and floppy hat, all say witchy to me. "Mister we are the weirdos."


  1. I love that movie! And great choices here! <3


  2. I was looking for a fringey black poncho so bad this winter but didnt find any :-/ lovely combination though!