Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stone Sunday - Black Tourmaline

I thought I would start a new feature on my blog - Stone Sunday, in which I will be discussing my crystal collection. I will discuss a stone each week and it's attributes. It's also a great excuse to pick up some more stones. ;)
I wanted to start with the black stones and work my way through the colours. Black stones are generally thought to be grounding and protective. Though each stone has different qualities unique to each kind. They are all associated with the root chakra (located at the base of the spine and coloured red),though also with the lesser known earth chakra, located beneath the feet and that connects us to Mother Earth.

Black Tourmaline
This is my favourite of the black crystals and one of my favourite overall. It is the most effective stone at combating negativity and providing protection. While many black crystals protect by absorbing negative energy, black tourmaline works by actually repelling negative energy.
Also known as Schorl, it was named after the town of the same name in Germany where large deposits can be found nearby. It is the most common type of tourmaline by far. Other colours such as red, yellow, brown, green, blue and violet are also found but are much rarer and have different attributes. Depending on the mix of iron, magnesium or other metals in this aluminum borosilicate stone, the colour will vary.
In medieval times, sorcerers and alchemists used black tourmaline believing it would protect them from demons. While we may not be summoning beings from the other side in our daily lives, tourmaline can still protect us from negative energy people may be consciously or unconsciously, sending our way. It creates an effective psychic shield against, gossip, whining people, psychic vampires and others that might otherwise drain you.
Besides negativity from people, black tourmaline also protects against electromagnetic pollution. For this reason, it is good to place some near your computer, and in your office. You can also place it in the corners of your house to protect from this and from any negative energy in the home. This stone has also shown to be helpful in protecting homes from negative spirits.
While it may not be the prettiest stone for wearing, I would still encourage wearing it on your person. You can even place it in a coat pocket or purse to keep you and your valuables safe. It's grounding and protective energy make it great for use in crystal grids as well.
As you can tell, I highly recommend this stone and consider it a basic one to have around. Its grounding, protective and calming energies make it a good starter stone for those just getting their collection going. It is widely available and very affordable too.

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  1. Black tourmaline sounds wonderful! I think I am drawn somewhat to black stones, after amethyst and garnet. Interesting this one relates to the root chakra, too! Also the electromagnetic pollution protection sounds good, I believe my thyroid problems years beack were caused by the electromagnetic pollution of a fuse box near my bed in my old home, as there is apparently a non-proven connection, but enough of a pattern with people who develop such problems!