Sunday, 24 January 2016

Recovering from Illness and Poll

This past week did not start out as expected. It was a rough last week and I can't help but wonder of Mercury retrograde is playing a bit of havoc in my life. First our furnace went out on the prior Tuesday when it was-30 C! Very thankfully the local Hydro company came and got it up and running the next morning. It sure makes you appreciate modern utilities.
Then last weekend, the flu swept through the house. I was at home sick Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Sunday was the worst - the "everything must go" day. After I lay for two days like a limp noodle on my couch. I did get lots of sleep and caught up on blog reading and YouTube watching, so there was a bonus to it.
I'm back to normal again and am excited to get back to routine. This month I started doing drop in hours at a local metaphysical shop Radiance Gifts
And am enjoying it. I'm honoured to be able to read for others at my favourite shops.

Dressed up cozy today in my scarf and skull sweater.

So I'm wondering what direction to take this blog in. Do you want more fashion? astrology posts? Crystals? Weird Victorian history? Let me know what you're interested in dear readers.

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  1. I'm glad your readings are going well! Hope you're feeling better! It feels like Mercury has been retrograde for the last6 months at least both astrologically and lifewise!

    I love weird Victorian facts! Haha, everyone probably knows that! I would love to see some fashion, too! Maybe a post about getting back in touch with your spirituality when life is giving you lemons. Maybe that's just me.

  2. Hmm...I would like to see more of all of the above. :)

  3. I like fashion and astrology :)