Sunday, 10 January 2016

First Week of 2016 Back to Routine

The hoopla of the holiday season is now over and the tree is taken down and put away. I ended up leaving it up until the 9th. This was partly out of laziness and partly out of tradition. My mother always said to leave it up until Ukrainian Christmas on the 7th.
The tree we got this year was massive and took over the whole living room. It looked so small in the warehouse, but then we got it home and it wasn't so small anymore. Now that it's from my living room feels so massive and empty.
I also find myself looking for leftover treats, as I'm going through holiday snacks withdrawal. The fruit cake and mince pies are gone, the cookies are eaten and there is just a smattering of chocolate and wine leftover. Well at least there is Valentine's Day chocolates to look forward to.
I'm also back at work after a couple of weeks off and getting back on schedule which does feel good, as nice as it is to have a holiday. It's nice to get back to things and the new year feels like a fresh blank canvass in which to paint my life upon.
I started drop in hours at a local metaphysical shop Check out the shop herefor tarot readings on Sunday's 12 - 5pm. I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to this new venture for 2016.
Hope everyone is having a great January!

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