Thursday, 31 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Day 12 Oath Night

The last night if Yule is also the last night of the secular year. It is known as Oath night in the Norse calendar and is often a night of feasting and celebrating. This is a good night for examining our goals for the year and what oaths we want to carry forward into the new year.
The virtue of the day is wisdom. Being New Years this is fitting, as we look back on the year and asses what lessons you have learned and the wisdom you have gained.
This concludes the 12 days of Yule. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and had a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year dear readers! All the best in 2016!

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Unboxing Magical Unicorns

I received for Christmas a lovely present of an Amazon gift card from a friend this year and of course I ordered some new cards. I had this one on the maybe list for a while, but was worried it might be a little too fluffy. However I decided to say "screw it!" And gave in to my love of unicorns and ordered the Magical Unicorn oracle cards. I also got my yearly calendar from Llewelyn, which is tradition for me.

12 Days of Yule - Day 11 Sacred to the Valkyries and Warriors

The second last day of Yule is sacred to the Valkyries and Warriors. The Valkyries are led by the warrior and magical goddess Freya. Famous as beautiful warrior women, they are considered goddesses in their own right. In fact originally Valkyrie was a singular goddess, a corpse like figure of death. Over time it became a plural and they were transformed into the lovely strong golden haired maidens we know today. They are said to ride the skies after a battle and pick the best warriors upon death to join Odin in his hall Valhalla.
Today is a good day to reflect on those that serve us as warriors, wether those in the military in the traditional sense or less traditional roles. Certainly those that put themselves in danger to serve others like police, fireman, paramedics etc could all fall into this category. Then there are those who are fighting for social justice who are also warriors in their own right. It is good to reflect on those who have passed before us that fought for our rights that we have today. Personally I think of the suffragettes as warrior women, who I am very grateful to for the rights I enjoy as a woman today.

The virtue for today is self reliance. While it is good to ask for help (and sometimes we need to), it also good to learn some skills of independence for ourselves. Is there a life skill, like how to change a tire, or knitting, or even survival skills, that we might want to learn this year to help us be a little more independent?

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12 Days of Yule - Day 10 Sacred to Sol and the Light

I apologize for not getting to post yesterday. Yesterday was the 10th day of the Yule season, it is sacred to the Norse goddess of the sun Sol (or Sunna) and the growing light.

Even though the nights are still long, this day reminds us that the light will continue to grow. Sol is the sister of the Moon god Mani and drives her chariot across the sky carrying the sun on its daily journey.
Today we celebrate not only the growing light, but what brings light to our lives. It's a good day to think about the things that bring us joy. Are there fun activities or creative projects that you have put aside? Maybe you could make plans to include them in your goals for the new year to come.

The virtue for the day is Justice. Fairness is important to a sense of well being. Are we being fair and just in our dealings with others? Do we stand up for ourselves when we are treated unfairly or when we see injustice in the world around us? How can we add to making the planet better and contribute to increasing the "light"
in the world?

Monday, 28 December 2015

Weekly Tarotscope Dec 28 - Jan 3

The last weekly oracle reading for 2015! I hope everyone has had a great holiday and a wonderful year. Even if it wasn't great, the new year reminds us that we can always nake a fresh start. Happy New Year dear readers!

Sunday, 27 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Day 9 Sacred to Odin and Fathers

December 28 is the ninth night of Yule and is sacred to Odin and fathers. Odin is the god of war and death, but also of magic, learning and wisdom. He is often depicted with one eye, dressed in a cloak and a floppy hat and often with a staff (think Gandalf). Odin was said to have hung upside down on the world tree for three days in order to gain wisdom and came up with the runes. The runes are used both as an alphabet for writing but also as a method of divination for wisdom.
Today is also sacred to the fathers in our lives. Odin is known as the All Father, so today is good day to celebrate those who have played a fatherly role in our lives. This can be our dads, step dads, grandfathers or any male that is a supportive and protective force in our lives. It's also a good time to think about projects we might want to nurture and protect in the coming year.
The virtue of the day is honour. It is avoid time to reflect on what that means to each of us. What is the moral code that we live by, and how true are we to it?

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12 Dats of Yule - Day 8 Sacred to Skadi and Ullr

December 27 is the eighth day of Yule and is sacred to the goddess Skadi and the god Ullr. Skadi is then Norse goddess of the hunt, revenge, protection and skiing. She is the goddess of warrior women and protects the people especially in winter months. Ullr is also a winter deity of skiing and hunting.
During winter months hunting was an important food source for northern people. Most of us now do not rely on hunting as we did in the past, and our disconnected from our source of meat. Today is a good day to be thankful to the animals that supply us with meat and dairy as well as other products.

As both Skadi and Ullr are associated with skiing, it's a good day to think about what winter activities you can participate in. Skiing was developed to get around easily in snow covered areas and was used by hunters as an easy and swift way to travel in winter. Now it is a fun past time rather than out of necessity. Skiing, skating, and sledging at all great ways to get outdoors and enjoy the winter season. Rather than thinking of winter as an obstacle, think of activities that can make winter an enjoying time.
The virtue of the day is truth. This is a virtue other virtues rest upon. Without truth, we cannot communicate with others, or know who we are or what we want. Today is a good day to reflect upon how true you are to yourself and if you are living your life in a way that is truthful.

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Day 7 - Sacred to Thor and Children

Today is Boxing Day in the modern calendar. A day to either rest and recover from Christmas festivities, or to continue visiting and extending the Yuletide party. In the Norse calendar, the seventh day is dedicated to Thor and children.
Thor is the god of the common man, farmers and workers and protector of the world and especially of children. Thor protects middle earth against the forces of destruction and darkness. As the light begins to grow again, we are reminded that hope returns and that life will be renewed again in the spring.
In Norse mythology Thor's chariot was pulled by goats. He had the ability to resurrect the goats if killed, with a blow of his hammer. This again is a reminder of resurrection, and renewal as the days get brighter. The goat is still a symbol of Yule in Scandinavian countries left over from pagan times.

Children are also honoured on this day. This is very fitting as this time of year is most exciting for children with all the presents and treats for them. We honour our children with these gifts and enjoy seeing their faces light up with joy.
The virtue of this day is fidelity. While fidelity is often thought of in relation to one's partner, it also includes loyalty to our family and friends. At this time think of how you show loyalty to those around you, and how you can continue to throughout the coming year.
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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Tag

Merry Christmas, abd Happy Holidays to everyone! I did the Christmas tag on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to consider yourself tagged. :)

Day 6 of Yule - Dedicated to Eir, health and healing

December 25, Christmas Day in the modern calendar, is the 6th day of Yule and is dedicated in the Norse calendar to Eir the goddess of health and healing.
Eir is one of Frigga's handmaidens and has healing powers. The ancient Germanics believed that the healing arts were only gifted to women and included knowledge of herbs, but also shamanic healing.healing does not just include the body but also the mind heart and soul.

Today as most of us feast and get together with friends and family, remember to be thankful and pray for your health and for the health of those around us. Also even if we are struggling with health issues or those around us are, it is important to be thankful for the health care workers in our lives. From doctors and nurses to dentists, massage therapists, and councillors, I am thankful for all those who worked in the health care field. It is great that so many people dedicate themselves to take care for others as a vocation.
So happy Christmas and a toast to your health dear reader!

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Day 5 of Yule - Dedicated to Community

Today Dec.24, is the 5th day of Yule and is dedicated to Community and the virtue of hospitality. At this time of year whether we go visiting and have people over to our own homes, it is important to practice hospitality, being a good host and a good guest. By sharing our bounty with others, we say thanks for the gift of others in our lives.
As in times past, community is important to our survival. We rely on each other especially in a world that is becoming more and more integrated. While many of us can feel isolated as we may interact less directly with our neighbours, especially in urban areas, we still rely on the goods and services provided by our communities and the larger world around us. This is a good time to think of ways we can make our communities better and how we could volunteer to achieve this.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Day 4 of Yule - Sacred to Freyr and Njord

Day 4 of Yule in the Norse tradition is sacred to Njord and Freyr. Njord is the father of Freya and Freyr and the god of the sea, seafarers and fishermen. His son Freyr is the god of fertility, prosperity and the harvest. This was a day to feast be thankful for the bounty received from the land and sea. The abundance of food would ensure survival through the cold months of winter until spring returned again.


Today unless we work directly as farmers or fishermen we are often cut off from seeing the sources of our food. We also have an abundance of food in our grocery stores at all times of year. It is still a god time to be thankful for the abundance we have and for all the people to work in the food industry from those that work the land and sea, to those that transport, process some of it, and work in the stores we frequent.
Of course it is also a good time to remember those that aren't as lucky, who don't have this abundance. Wether it's homeless or less well off people in our community or those in parts of the world where good is scarce, it's a good time to think of ways we can give back and spread this abundance around.
The virtue of this day is compassion, which is appropriate when thinking about abundance. It is important to be compassionate to those less well off at this time and be generous.
How do you celebrate abundance in your life at this time of year?
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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Deck - Animal Wisdom Tarot

I got a couple of new decks on Saturday. I couldn't wait and opened up the package right away. Here's the first of the two decks!

12 Days of Yule Day 3 - Honouring Mani and Darkness

The third day of Yule is dedicated to Mani, the Norse god of the moon, and to darkness. In most traditions the moon is associated with the feminine and is often personified as a woman. In the Norse tradition, the moon is represented as a man, the god Mani. This is where we get the phrase "the man in the Moon" from, passed down from Norse
and Germanic mythology.
Mani is the brother of Sol (the sun). Both guide the heavenly bodies through the sky in a chariot which are chased by wolves. When an eclipse happens it is a wolf devouring the sun or moon. Mani also controls the waxing and waning of the moon.

The moon is honoured at this time as it is one of the darkest nights of the year. The moon lights the way in darkness for hunters and those travelling at night. It controls the ebb and flow of the tides. It is essential to survival especially in ancient times.
The moon also represents our emotions and subconscious. It encourages to cultivate courage in times of darkness and to honour the cycles of our lives. Sometimes it is best to go with the flow and work with the changes in our lives rather than fight the tides so to speak.
On this night light a candle to the moon and maybe go outside and look up at him on this dark night.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Weekly Tarotscope Dec 21 - 28

im back with your weekly reading, this time with the Angel tarot, which I thought was appropriate for the Christmas week.

12 Days of Yule - Day 2 - Solstice

Today is the official celebration of Yule or the winter solstice. It is a celebration of the return of the light. Today is the darkest day and after a couple of days without much change, we will slowly notice the days getting longer. Many pagans celebrate the rebirth of the sun and of sun gods at this time of year. Early Christians picked this time of year (a few days later when the light is more noticeable) to celebrate the birth of Jesus for the same reason. Seeing him as "the light of the world" it was only natural to coincide this festive time of year with the birth of their saviour.
In the Norse calendar this night is devoured to the ancestors and the Wild Hunt, lead by Odin. This has obvious correlations with Samhain - celebrating the dead, for many pagans. It is fitting that on the longest night of the year, we take time to honour those that have passed before. Halloween is not the only time when the veil is thin, Yuletide is another. It is only natural that our ancestors would draw close during a time of feasting and family get togethers.
This is a time when we often think of those who are not here in physical form to celebrate with us. This can be a painful and lonely time for some because of these losses.
Tonight is a good night to light candles for the return of the sun and to those who can't be here for the holiday season, wether through death or because they have moved away.

Yesterday I celebrated Mothers night with a wonderful dinner with my coven sisters and their family. It was so nice to get together to celebrate and visit and have some good laughs.
Today I celebrated Solstice with a ritual blessing my workbooks for planning the year ahead and my journals for writing in. Later tonight we will visit with more friends at their annual Yule get together.
How will you honour the solstice this year?

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Dec.20 - Mothers Nigth

I thought I would write a special 12 Days of Yule series for the Yuletide season. I was inspired when I was looking up information about the Heathen practice of the 12 Days of Yule. This is a revival by Norse pagans of the celebration of the traditional Yuletide. Each of the 12 nights from December 20 to December 31 is dedicated to a different God or goddess and has a different theme.
I think these nights can be adapted by anyone, even those not practicing a Norse tradition, or even a pagan one. Anyone can celebrate Yule!

Mother Night
The Yuletide season begins the night before the Solstice , this year December 20th. While the solstice celebrates the birth of the divine child, or the sun, the night before celebrates the Mother, without whom there can be no birth.
Traditional heathens celebrate Frigga on this night, the goddess of hearth, home and fate. It's a time to honour the hard work of the women in our lives as they have nurtured us through the year. It's also a day to clean the house to prepare for celebrations and many light candles on this night as it is one of the darkest of the year.
Another goddess honoured in Berchta (or Perchta) the winter queen and goddess of fertility. It's a great night to honour the stillness and darkness of winter, and think about what you want to birth in the springtime.
If you are not Norse pagan you can choose another mother goddess to light a candle to tonight, or if not pagan, you might pick Mary the Blessed Mother to honour.
Today for Mother Night, I cleaned the house to get it ready for a busty week. I am also joining my coven sisters for a Yule feast tonight. We will be each bringing a dish and sharing baking, exchanging gifts and celebrating the holiday season. It's a great way to kick off Yuletide!

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Christmas Full Moon

This Friday is a rare Christmas full moon. The last time there was a full moon on Christmas was in 1977 and the next will be in 2034. The full moon is in the sign of Cancer, the sign of nurturing, home, family and imagination, perfect for this time of year. It can also make us very emotional as full moons heighten our feelings and doubly so in the sign of cancer. This Christmas may be an emotional one which can be good or bad depending what emotions come up.
As always full moons are opposite the sun. This full moon is opposite Sun in Capricorn. This may mean we will feel conflicted about what we want emotionally as opposed to fulfilling our sense of duty. While our head may tell us to do certain things like follow tradition or visit certain people, our heart may not be in to it. Go with the flow this Christmas and try to balance out duty and tradition with taking it easy.

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces
This aspect will lead to an easy flow of feelings and our imagination will be heightened. This is a great day for divination, dream work and spiritual reflection. This aspect can also make us overindulge in good food and drink, so don't go overboard this festive season.

Sun Capricorn Sextile Neptune Pisces
This day offers opportunities for spiritual contacts or discussions and to work on artistic or photographic projects. Take lots of photos this Christmas!

Mercury Capricorn trine Jupiter Virgo
Good news is on its way, especially for those with an earth sun sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). You may be in the right place at the right time to hear some good financial news or to find out information to advance yourself with a business idea. Take advantage of any opportunities that come up today.

Mercury Capricorn Square Mars Libra
Expect travel delays and some miscommunications today. Try to avoid getting irritated or angry especially as emotions are heightened this season. Some people will be direct in their communication which may offend others in their bluntness. Try to avoid taking offended or giving it at this time.

Uranus Aries Square Pluto Capricorn
Uranus has been in retrograde and turns direct today. Today old political struggles may be revisited and there may be a reassessment of power and conflict today. While this may be a sign of an unexpected political event on or around this day, it also reminds us to avoid heated political discussions this holiday season.

Some Aspects still in play from last week:
Mercury Sextile Venus
This is a good day for communications with women, and improving social contacts. You may receive an unexpected gift today. This is a great time to enhance your appearance or redecorate.

Venus Scorpio Sextile Jupiter Virgo
This aspect also shows it's a good day to socialize especially for women. You may have to go out of your way to do this, but it will be worth it.

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Weekly Tarorscope and November Haul

I'm back with the weekly Tarotscope readings. This time I'm using the Mythic Oracle, which has a Greek Mythology theme to it. I also filmed my monthly favourites video for November. It's a bit late, but better late then never. 😊

Saturday, 12 December 2015

First Quarter Moon in Aries

This Friday December 19, the Moon reaches the quarter phase
In the sign of Aries. As the Moon is waxing this is a great time to work on drawing goals towards you, and adding energy to long term projects. As it is in the sign of Aries, a quick acting Cardinal sign, it's great for giving energy to short term projects. Aries is also the sign of new starts, so it's a great time to try something new, or plan your goals for the coming year.

Moon Conjunct Uranus
The moon and the planet of sudden changes and insight are lined up today. Expect the unexpected and to be inspired today. You will not be satisfied with boring routines today. It's a usually a great day to do something different and unusual, however other aspects are telling us to stay the course as much as possible.

Moon Opposite Mars
Things may not go as expected today so do not try to control outcomes. Your emotions are at odds with other people's desires and you may feel like your will is being thwarted at times, especially if you are trying to break your routine as stated above. There may be some conflicts with males today.

Moon Square Pluto
While you want to try something different and break routine, you may resist making long term changes or breaking bad habits at this time.

Moon Square Mercury
Some of the conflicts that arise today may be due to a breakdown in communication. Make sure you are clearly expressing your feelings to others to avoid this.

Sun Sagittarius Square Jupiter Virgo
The Sun in optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius is Square to Jupiter in dutiful Virgo. Your desire to have fun and break routine is at odds with needing to get work done. This is the best route to go, as clients and superiors at work will be impressed. Channel your energy into taking care of details and being of service.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Capricorn
Today you will receive important information on growing your long term financial plans, or ways to advance your career or business. This is a week where your power and status are on the upswing so take advantage of opportunities to toot your own horn.

Mercury Capricorn Square Uranus Aries
Misunderstandings are likely today as you are slightly out of sync with others. Because your routine is different or theirs is you may miss a meeting or find yourself running late. Be aware that others may read more into what you are saying than what you mean.

Mercury Capricorn Sextile Venus Scorpio
This is a good day for communications with women, and improving social contacts. You may receive an unexpected gift today.

Venus Scorpio Sextile Jupiter Virgo
This aspect also shows it's a good day to socialize especially for women. You may have to go out of your way to do this, but it will be worth it.

Mars Libra Opposite Uranus Aries
This is not a good week to try to organize others or to try to impose your will on a group. Sudden events and people acting unexpectedly will put a wrench in your well laid plans. While you may want to break routine and try things differently, it is best to stay the course as much as possible at this time.

Saturn Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces
Deception is possible during this time, so if something sounds too good, it probably is. This is a great time for creative ideas and letting the imagination flow.

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A Week of Goodbyes

Thank you for your patience as I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. The week previous to this (Nov 28 - Dec 5) was a difficult one for me, and this past week was busy with Yuletide shopping, and other activities.

Last week I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine, who is moving to another part of the country. I met my buddy Richel in 2008 when I moved into my current position at my work. We shared the same office and quickly became friends. We share a love of art and she has been one of my biggest supporters of my art and my new tarot business. Her encouragement and support have meant a lot to me. She also was there for me through my divorce, one of the most difficult times of my life, and I will never forget that. She is a clever, funny, creative person who is passionate about human rights and loves horses. Plus she makes an excellent chilli. :)
In Tuesday Dec 1 we had a farewell lunch at Stellas, one of our favourite restaurants. I know with the Internet and Facebook we will keep in touch, and I'm already seeing her beautiful photos of her holiday in Vancouver. It's not the same though when you can't just ring someone up and say "let's meet for dinner." I know she will do well in her new life and I am excited for her, as much as I will miss her.

While that goodbye was expected, what was a surprise was that my Grandpa, just shy of his 99th birthday, passed away on Nov.28. I know it sounds weird to be surprised when your grandfather is 98, but I saw him two weeks before and he was healthy and his regular self. He had some trouble hearing and seeing but he seemed to be okay.
My Grandpa was born in 1917, and his parents ran a lumber yard in southern Manitoba. He once told me a story about how their warehouse had the first lightbulb in town! He joined the airforce when he was older and during WWII he taught recruits how to operate communication radios. After the war he moved with my Grandma to Winnipeg and drove trolley cars and later busses. They raised 8 kids and he now has 23 grandkids and 30 great grand kids! That's over 60 descendants!
I'm very lucky to have had my grandfather for so long. Not many people have their grandparents into their 40s, but I feel blessed to have had him in my life for so long. I still gave my Grandma Alice too (his second wife - my Grandma passed away when I was very small). Saying goodbye was hard, though it was great to se so many relatives I hadn't seen in ages. Below is a a picture of me and my cousins - 15 out of 23 of us were able to make it.

So if you still have your grandparents (or parents) count yourself lucky and give them an extra hug this holiday season.

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