Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halloween Tag!

There's a seasonal tag going around on the blogs that I read and the vlogs I follow. In the Halloween spirit of things, I decided to participate. If you want to write your own, please feel free to consider yourself tagged!

Our skeleton made from milk jugs blowing in the wind.

What is your favourite Halloween song?
For me it's cliched "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare before Christmas. It's one of my favourite movies to watch at this time of year.

Witch or Vampire?
Always Witch! While I'm okay with vampires I was never as crazy about them as other people. As I am Wiccan I've always had an affinity for dressing up as a witch for Halloween. I think it's a bit cheeky.

My Halloween flowers at work

Favourite thing about Halloween?
Everything! I love the leaves falling, and it getting darker and cooler. I love the jack o lanterns and ghostly decorations. And of course the candy and pumpkin flavoured everything. I also love celebrating Samhain, where I take time to honour the dead and do some divination for the year. For me it is a mix of the festive secular celebration and the solemnity of Samhain.

Halloween Party or scary movie marathon?
Sometimes I like a costume party, and sometimes I like to watch ghost show marathons. I'm not big on gory movies, but I do love a good haunting show.

So many pumpkin seeds to roast!

Skeletons or zombies?
Definitely skeletons. Zombies are gross.

Favourite Halloween candy?
I love it all but I am partial to the Halloween kisses. Most people hate them, but I like them.

Favourite Halloween movie?
I can't just pick one. I enjoy Sleepy Hollow, the Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Chritmas, Coraline, Practical Magic and the Craft.

Favourite Halloween Costume?
Witch of course. It's so easy with my black wardrobe. I just put on a hat and voila - instant costume.

Favourite Halloween Store?
Can I say Michaels? I love all the Halloween decorations and home decor.

Jack o lanterns yes or no? Yes! Above is the one I carved today. It's the first I've done in a long time.

Bats or Black Cats?
I love both, but I think black cats are my favourite. Who doesn't love cats? They are adorable.

Is Halloween your favourite holiday?
No, it's my second favourite. Christmas is actually my favourite time of year.

Pumpkin Spice latte or hot chocolate? l love all things pumpkin so pumpkin spice all the way for me!

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More New Decks!

This last summer I pre ordered some decks and one arrived a couple of weeks ago (the Wisdom of the Oracle deck, and then the other two arrived this week!
The first is the Victoria Francis' Gothic Oracle. It is a 36 card deck featuring beautifully illustrated gothic romantic illustrTions. Lots of well dressed you ladies in graveyards or floating in the water. This deck is a must for everyone that loves romantigoth stylings.

The second is the Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue. It's a pretty standard Doreen Virtue tarot style deck. If you like her stuff and you like fairies, you will probably enjoy this deck. I'm thinking of using this as a spring time deck.

What are your thoughts on these decks?

Friday, 23 October 2015

Spooky Strega

Spooky Strega

Miss Selfridge black crop top
18 CAD -

Skater skirt
79 CAD -

Black booties
53 CAD -

Black purse
64 CAD -

Rock N Rose heart necklace
42 CAD -

Black hat
17 CAD -

So I'm a little late to the Polyvore games I checked it out this week and found it was really fun tool on through various items and put together different outfits.  Right now I've been obsessed with dark mori and Strega fashion. The two outfits I put together I feel are more witchy/Strega than dark mori. 
I do have the floppy black hat and a purse somewhat like the one above. I think it's a realistic outfit as a tank and black a line skirt are pretty easy to come by.  
The second out fit below us a little more dressy. I do have the parasol and a long black dress although not with long sleeves. The other items I think are fIrly easy to find as well. 
What do you think of my attempts at polyvore?

Witch About Town

Witch About Town

Warehouse 3 4 sleeve jersey dress
65 CAD -

Clarks black leather bootie
195 CAD -

Chain strap purse
67 CAD -

Black lace umbrella
20 CAD -

Monday, 12 October 2015

New Oracle Decks

Last week I recoeved two new oracle decks in the mail. The first is the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid. This deck I'm planning to use as my daily card draw deck for myself for 2016. It's a lovely gentle deck and I'm really enjoying it's playful yet honest energy.
The second deck is the Fallen Angel Oracle. I have mixed feelings about this deck, but will continue to work with it. What are your thoughts on these decks?

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekly Reading Oct. 12 - 18

im back after a bit of a hiatus. My phone died and I had to replace the battery. I use my phone for everything including blogging and videos so I had to get it fixed. I'm back now and have a weekly tarotscope reading using the Halloween oracle, which I think is very appropriate for this time of year.

What's up with my face here? Lol