Sunday, 26 July 2015

July 31 Blue Moon on Lammas Eve

Blue Moon in Aquarius

This year we are lucky enough to have a full moon on Lammas eve and the second of two full moons in one month. The second full moon in a month is known as a blue moon and is considered to be extra powerful. It falls in the sign of Aquarius, and as always on full moons, the Sun is in the opposite sign, this time in Leo. The Aquarius full moon asks us to balance what our ego may desire (sun in Leo) with our emotions and collective desires (moon in Aquarius). We may find we get what we want when we go after our goals, only to find they do not give us the emotional satisfaction we thought we would achieve.
The moon is also opposite Mercury in Leo, showing that there may be some difficulties in communicating your feelings, especially with females. Make sure you are listening and not just talking, as Mercury in Leo can sometimes make us prone to.

Mercury Trine Uranus
Mercury in Leo makes an auspicious trine with Uranus in retrograde (see more info below). This is great time to get involved in a group, club or organization. Especially if it involves humanitarian, scientific technological or environmental issues. You may be surprised by who you meet and the changes and events this inspires.

Venus Retrograde in Leo
Venus went into retrograde on July 25 and will go direct again on September 03. During this forty day cycle it is usually advised that one does not start a love affair, as it will not last or it will give you more trouble than you may have bargained for. It's also not a good time to decorate or get a new hairdo or wardrobe, as you may not like it as much when Venus goes direct again. It is a good time to research these things, and to take time to do some inward reflection on our love life and reflect on the beauty of the world around us. Venus in Leo does not lend itself to quiet reflection though, as it makes people want to get out there to express their passion and love of beauty. As stated above, resist the temptation to make dramatic changes to your looks or home and do take time for quiet quality time with your partner.
Venus is very active astrologically at this time. It is conjunction Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion and square Saturn, the planet of restrictions. The conjunction with Jupiter makes this a great time to learn more about, music, art and fashion, and to be inspired by others. You may go overboard though and be tempted to spend too much on luxuries, so you may want to wait until the retrograde passes to start any creative or beautifying projects.
With Venus square Saturn in retrograde, you may experience a letdown or rejection but it turns out to be for the best in the long run. Sometimes what we think we want turns out to actually be bad for us, so try not to be let down by any disappointments at this time.

Mars Square Uranus
Mars the planet of action advises you to not act rashly or in anger at this time as there will be unforeseen consequences. It is in the emotional sign of cancer, so our feelings may be running the show and our temper could get the best of us. There may be sudden changes with schedules at work and any employees you have may act in unpredictable ways so be prepared for surprises at work. There may also be problems with mechanical equipment.

Jupiter Square Saturn
Jupiter in sunny Leo advises you not to take any short cuts with work or try new methods in favour of the tried and true at this time. It may seem boring to go by the book, but it is the safest way right now. While Jupiter in Leo wants to show off, Saturn in Scorpio advises us to work quietly behind the scenes.

Saturn Retrograde Ends
Saturn has been in retrograde since March and will be going direct on August 2nd. During this time we have been clearing up some karmic issues. If there is something you have been avoiding it may come to a head during the last few days of its retrograde. In dealt issues may result in a confrontation or a truth may be revealed to you.

Uranus Retrograde in Aries Uranus went retrograde on July 26. It will be there until December 25, 2015. Uranus is the planet of revolution and sudden insights, a planet of progress and change. In fiery Aries it heralds big changes and sudden actions when it moves direct (think of the recent marriage decision in the U.S.).In retrograde this change slows and further progress may be frustrated for a while. On an outer level we may seem to not be making much progress, but Uranus retrograde advises us to make changes to our inner self right now. By individuals focusing on change from within and in our personal lives, we will be able to make outward changes in society and in our world when Uranus goes direct again at the end of the year.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

July 24 Update - Psychics and Politics, What a Week.

I apologize for not updating in a while. I thought I would do a quick update to get everyone up to speed on what I've been up to. This past weekend I was attending a workshop run by a local psychic and medium about developing your intuition and spiritual connection. Her company is called Divine Clarity, and you can check out her website at Here. It is a three day workshop, with the first two days last weekend, and the last day is tomorrow. I'm very excited as tomorrow we will be talking about life after death, NDEs, past lives etc. The first couple of days we talked about auras, chakras, and positive energy. It was an informative and uplifting weekend.
She lives next to a lovely nature trail too. So I went for a walk and took some photos.


Mid week I got together with one of my besties Nicole for a birthday dinner and shopping. It was nice to get out and enjoy the summer. We enjoyed bare burritos (all the burrito fillings in a bowl).

Finally I had a pretty cool experience this week when I went out for lunch on my workday. There is a street nearby my work where there are lots of food trucks and it was there that I met the leader of the Canadian Liberal party - Justin Trudeau! For my non Canadian friends, I'll use an American comparison, this is like meeting the leader of the Democratic Party. Hopefully he will be our next Prime Minister. And yes he is related to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (his son). He was very nice and took a minute to chat about the importance of protecting our environment.

So how was your week?

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Update and Vintage Wisdom Oracle Review

After a couple of weeks absence, I made another video. I received the Vintage Wisdom Oracle in the mail, which I was really excited about. It's been on my wish list for a while, and I'll be using it for my August daily draws. On Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook I post a card a day from a different deck each month.