Sunday, 31 May 2015

Oracle Deck Review - Angel Prayer Oracle Cards

This month I am reviewing the Angel Prayer Oracle cards by Kyle Gray. I picked up this deck at Radiance Gifts where I read cards. One of the owners showed me the deck, and asked what I thought. I snapped it up right away excited to see a new angel deck.

If you have looked through the shelves of any metaphysical section or bookstore, you have probably seen the plethora of Angel decks available with almost all of them being by the author Doreen Virtue. While I do enjoy her work (some decks and books more than others), it's nice to see another voice on the market.
He is currently being billed as the UK'a youngest psychic, as he started giving professional angel readings at 15 years of age.

Artwork and Design
As you can see by the picture of the backing artwork above and the box cover further above, the style is more masculine and the design more graphic and linear. The images are computer generated art, which is not usually to my taste. I do like that the Angels are depicted as being a variety of ages, ethnicities and genders though, which is refreshing.
The cards themselves feature various archangels including Raphael, Metatron and Michael and lesser known ones like Jophiel. There are also a lot of more general spiritual concepts like Spiritual Guidance, Forgiveness etc.

Companion Book
The book that comes with it is a standard Hay House guide book of just over 100 pages. It contains info about the author and some basic spreads. Of course it includes definitions for each card and info about each angel.

The cards come in a sturdy box for storage that includes the guide book as well. It is your typical Hay House packaging, which I like because it is compact, sturdy and
very portable.

I find this to be a great deck to read in conjunction with tarot or other oracle cards, but as with many other angel decks it is quite general for reading on it it's own. It is a really nice for adding more spiritual guidance or for giving a focus for meditation. If you are a fan of angel decks, this is a great addition to your collection.
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Monday, 25 May 2015

A Poltergeist Is Not a Ghost

With the upcoming release of the remake of that famous horror classic "Poltergeist", I found myself inspired to write a new post. Every time I see the advert on TV, I find myself correcting the screen saying "it's not a ghost!" Or something such like it. While the term literally means "noisy ghost" poltergeists, ghosts and hauntings are all different. Let me explain:

A haunting is a residual playback off an event. One may see an entity or hear voices, but the event has passed and the people have gone. The entities seen do not react to the observer and don't give intelligent responses if you try to interact. This is because it is just an event repeating itself, like a holographic movie. Often highly charged emotional events can imprint itself on a place and given the right conditions replay themselves.
This may frighten the living though as screams may be heard or frightening events sighted. The other side effect is that it can attract more negative energy, not just from the original negative event, but from the frightened people witnessing it.

Ghosts are intelligent entities, deceased people who have not moved on to the other side. There are various reasons a person may decide not to move on. They may have unfinished business, such as seeking justice for a unresolved wrong, or feel guilty about something they did. Sometimes these are negative people who do not want to face things on the other side, and would prefer to continue to cause trouble in this realm. Most ghosts are harmless and will just make noise or make themselves seen to try to be acknowledged.
Please note this is different from Spirits which are deceased people who have moved on. These may visit us in dreams or send us signs in non frightening ways to let us know they are okay.

So what is a poltergeist? It's not a deceased person at all. Poltergeists are also called PK (psychokinesis) manifestations. They are the result of repressed energy from an individual, usually, but not always a teenager. Poltergeist activity usually centres around one person in the home and often involves the moving of objects. Classic signs are knocking sounds and items and furniture being moved including beds shaking the famous stacking of chairs, toys etc. in some extreme cases fires have even started.
Some theories are that the "agent" may be repressing anger or sexual tension and unconsciously it gets expressed psychokenetically. It can also be caused when a traumatic event happens and the feelings are repressed and unaddressed. Another cause is someone with psychic abilities who is repressing their sensitivity. One tell tale sign of who is subconsciously manifesting it, is if one person seems to be secretly enjoying the activity while others are frightened.
The activity usually only lasts a few weeks and when the agents issue is resolved, the activity stops. In rare cases it can go on for years, and only stops at the location when the person moves away (but usually follows them to the new place).

As you can see, this is not exactly the sort of paranormal activity in the movie. But then again Hollywood rarely gets it right, and at least it's entertaining.
What are your thoughts?

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Corp Goth Mid Month Status Report - Hair

This month we have been asked about our hair for the office. Is there a go to style? Do we have to tone it down? What about colour?

Happily I don't have to tone down my hair for my job. The office has a business casual type dress code, so as long as you look reasonably professional, the hair colour doesn't matter. I don't have a lot of variety to my hair styles, but I will show my usual three. The first in just down plain and straight.

I also put hair clips in my hair sometimes. And finally today I rocked a ponytail.

I've been thinking about putting a braid in, but my hair is quite fine so they always end up so thin.
How do you wear your hair for work?
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Astrology - May New Moon in Taurus and Mercury Retrograde

This Monday May 18 the moon will be New in the sign of Taurus . This position means it's a great time for starting new projects that have to do with finances, home, gardening and nurturing. So if you are thinking of planting your garden, renovating, or starting a financial plan, now is the time to do so. It's also a great time to cast spells to give these projects a beginning boost, as Taurus spells tend to be longer lasting.
The moon quickly moves into Gemini and is conjunct Mars early in the week, so energy and willpower will help you with any of the above projects. Watch for emotions running high though, as some people's temper may flare. With the emotional moon and temperamental Mars in Gemini,
there may be heated arguments and miscommunication as some may take disagreements personally.
These two planets are opposite retrograde Saturn, the planet of restrictions and rules. During this time we may feel frustrated by the lack of structure around you. Rules that usually apply or routines may be thrown off frustrating us.
Miscommunications are highlighted as Mercury goes into retrograde on this day. The retrograde lasts until June 11. As with all Mercury retrogrades, there may be travel delays, tickets or keys may be misplaced and communications may break down at times. This is time to reassess things and redo projects. See these breakdowns not as a road block, but as a chance to fix things that may need reworking.
Mercury is square Neptune when it goes into retrograde, pointing to daydreaming and vague thinking causing some of the communication breakdown. Make sure to think through the details when communicating your big plans and ideas. The planet is also sextile Jupiter, meaning that if we do think things through, there is the opportunity for growth and expansion.
Venus is opposite Pluto in retrograde. Efforts to make our environment more tasteful or to beautify ourselves may be thwarted by changes going on around us. If you allow the changes in life to inspire you though, you may decide to make some great art or music.
This week's overall theme is to not struggle against outside changes and to remain calm within. Don't let little setbacks, or other people's emotions get you down. If you stay still within yourself, and pay attention, you just might be inspired.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Leibster Award!

Thank you to the lovely Retro-Electric for nominating me for a Leibster award! If you haven't checked her blog out already, I encourage you to click on over and check it out.

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have fewer than 200 followers.
5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

My Nominees
1.Roses and Vellum
2.Annika's Creative Magick
3. Linnea Pa Landet
4. Exploring the Strange Life
5. Graveyard Picnic
6. Gothicall Yours
7. Heather's Wicked Wonderland
8. Lucid Dreaming on Lullaby Street
9. Morning Glory Design
10. The Walrus Room
11. The Lovely Little Witch

11 Random Facts
1. I collect My Little Ponies, but only the first generation ones from the 80s.
2. I'm left handed.
3. I play guitar and have played in several different goth and punk bands.
4. I know how to speak French fairly well (I read it better than I speak it) and am currently learning Spanish.
5. I've been keeping a journal since I was 9 years old.
6. My favourite subjects in school were art, drama, music English lit and history.
7. I major lees I History and English at university before going to Art School and majoring in Drawing and Photography.
8. Besides my home country I have travelled to the U.S., UK, and Mexico.
9. I started reading tarot cards 20 years ago.
10. I make astrological birth charts for people.
11. I love ghost tv shows like ghost Adventures and Dead Files.

The Questions
1. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging in 2010 with my first blog The Neovictorian Parlour. I started blogging because I was inspired by other people's blogs! I thought it looked like a fun way to express one's self and be part of a community.

2. With MP3s and internet streaming, do you still buy CDs or DVDs? Sadly I don't anymore. I download music and movies and use apps like Spotify to listen to new music.

3. How would you describe your style of dress? Casual-perky-spooky-rocker-punk-Victorian-goth.

4. What religion or philosophy do you ascribe to?
I'm Wiccan, but I also incorporate many new age philosophies as well.

5.What are your favorite TV shows on the air right now?
As stated above I enjoy Ghost Adventures and Dead Files. I also love Game of Thrones. I watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and would like to see more. I would also like to see Vikings and Penny Dreadful when I have time.

6. What other hobbies do you participate in, besides blogging?
I paint, write, play guitar when I can and do vlogs too.

7. If you participate in the arts, which ones do you participate in? Are you a hobbyist or a professional? I consider myself a professional artist as I do sell art and show in galleries, but writing and guitar are more hobbies.

8. If a movie was being made about your life, which actor/actress would play you? I've been told I look like Mena Suvari so I guess I will say her.

9. Choose one: Coffee or tea? They are both great, but I will go with coffee, especially fancy ones like Pumpkin Spice lattes.

10. What colors have you dyed your hair? I was a natural blonde but my darkened when I was in my early 20's so I have been "helping" it in the right direction ever since. I've mostly been blonde, but I have also had red and purple hair. I also have had my hair blonde and purple and blonde and red.

11. Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? I'm an introvert who's learnt how to act extroverted when I need to.

I hope this has been interesting dear readers. Please check out the blogs nominated above. And for the nominees, I give you the same 11 questions. :)

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Friday, 1 May 2015

April Haul

Just thought I'd link my April haul video. It's got some awesome shoes, books and cards. I have a good deck I am actually going to give away as I'm not keen on it, but I think someone else would love it. Let me know what you think.