Saturday, 12 December 2015

First Quarter Moon in Aries

This Friday December 19, the Moon reaches the quarter phase
In the sign of Aries. As the Moon is waxing this is a great time to work on drawing goals towards you, and adding energy to long term projects. As it is in the sign of Aries, a quick acting Cardinal sign, it's great for giving energy to short term projects. Aries is also the sign of new starts, so it's a great time to try something new, or plan your goals for the coming year.

Moon Conjunct Uranus
The moon and the planet of sudden changes and insight are lined up today. Expect the unexpected and to be inspired today. You will not be satisfied with boring routines today. It's a usually a great day to do something different and unusual, however other aspects are telling us to stay the course as much as possible.

Moon Opposite Mars
Things may not go as expected today so do not try to control outcomes. Your emotions are at odds with other people's desires and you may feel like your will is being thwarted at times, especially if you are trying to break your routine as stated above. There may be some conflicts with males today.

Moon Square Pluto
While you want to try something different and break routine, you may resist making long term changes or breaking bad habits at this time.

Moon Square Mercury
Some of the conflicts that arise today may be due to a breakdown in communication. Make sure you are clearly expressing your feelings to others to avoid this.

Sun Sagittarius Square Jupiter Virgo
The Sun in optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius is Square to Jupiter in dutiful Virgo. Your desire to have fun and break routine is at odds with needing to get work done. This is the best route to go, as clients and superiors at work will be impressed. Channel your energy into taking care of details and being of service.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto Capricorn
Today you will receive important information on growing your long term financial plans, or ways to advance your career or business. This is a week where your power and status are on the upswing so take advantage of opportunities to toot your own horn.

Mercury Capricorn Square Uranus Aries
Misunderstandings are likely today as you are slightly out of sync with others. Because your routine is different or theirs is you may miss a meeting or find yourself running late. Be aware that others may read more into what you are saying than what you mean.

Mercury Capricorn Sextile Venus Scorpio
This is a good day for communications with women, and improving social contacts. You may receive an unexpected gift today.

Venus Scorpio Sextile Jupiter Virgo
This aspect also shows it's a good day to socialize especially for women. You may have to go out of your way to do this, but it will be worth it.

Mars Libra Opposite Uranus Aries
This is not a good week to try to organize others or to try to impose your will on a group. Sudden events and people acting unexpectedly will put a wrench in your well laid plans. While you may want to break routine and try things differently, it is best to stay the course as much as possible at this time.

Saturn Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces
Deception is possible during this time, so if something sounds too good, it probably is. This is a great time for creative ideas and letting the imagination flow.

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  1. Are these by day or by our sign? I am a bit confused, I am not great at astrology!

    1. These are what is going on in the heavens right now and affects everyone to a greater or lesser extent.