Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Day 4 of Yule - Sacred to Freyr and Njord

Day 4 of Yule in the Norse tradition is sacred to Njord and Freyr. Njord is the father of Freya and Freyr and the god of the sea, seafarers and fishermen. His son Freyr is the god of fertility, prosperity and the harvest. This was a day to feast be thankful for the bounty received from the land and sea. The abundance of food would ensure survival through the cold months of winter until spring returned again.


Today unless we work directly as farmers or fishermen we are often cut off from seeing the sources of our food. We also have an abundance of food in our grocery stores at all times of year. It is still a god time to be thankful for the abundance we have and for all the people to work in the food industry from those that work the land and sea, to those that transport, process some of it, and work in the stores we frequent.
Of course it is also a good time to remember those that aren't as lucky, who don't have this abundance. Wether it's homeless or less well off people in our community or those in parts of the world where good is scarce, it's a good time to think of ways we can give back and spread this abundance around.
The virtue of this day is compassion, which is appropriate when thinking about abundance. It is important to be compassionate to those less well off at this time and be generous.
How do you celebrate abundance in your life at this time of year?
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  1. Oh dear, we didn't celebrate my partner's family's cat Freyr at all that day! She will be mad!