Sunday, 20 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Dec.20 - Mothers Nigth

I thought I would write a special 12 Days of Yule series for the Yuletide season. I was inspired when I was looking up information about the Heathen practice of the 12 Days of Yule. This is a revival by Norse pagans of the celebration of the traditional Yuletide. Each of the 12 nights from December 20 to December 31 is dedicated to a different God or goddess and has a different theme.
I think these nights can be adapted by anyone, even those not practicing a Norse tradition, or even a pagan one. Anyone can celebrate Yule!

Mother Night
The Yuletide season begins the night before the Solstice , this year December 20th. While the solstice celebrates the birth of the divine child, or the sun, the night before celebrates the Mother, without whom there can be no birth.
Traditional heathens celebrate Frigga on this night, the goddess of hearth, home and fate. It's a time to honour the hard work of the women in our lives as they have nurtured us through the year. It's also a day to clean the house to prepare for celebrations and many light candles on this night as it is one of the darkest of the year.
Another goddess honoured in Berchta (or Perchta) the winter queen and goddess of fertility. It's a great night to honour the stillness and darkness of winter, and think about what you want to birth in the springtime.
If you are not Norse pagan you can choose another mother goddess to light a candle to tonight, or if not pagan, you might pick Mary the Blessed Mother to honour.
Today for Mother Night, I cleaned the house to get it ready for a busty week. I am also joining my coven sisters for a Yule feast tonight. We will be each bringing a dish and sharing baking, exchanging gifts and celebrating the holiday season. It's a great way to kick off Yuletide!

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  1. I guess Frigga is the same as the viking godess Freja, but the other one I don't recognize. I also cleaned my house yesterday but without intention to be a norse pagan tradition :-).

  2. I haven't done any rituals for ages! I suppose I should do a summer one if I do, since it's summer here!