Saturday, 26 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Day 7 - Sacred to Thor and Children

Today is Boxing Day in the modern calendar. A day to either rest and recover from Christmas festivities, or to continue visiting and extending the Yuletide party. In the Norse calendar, the seventh day is dedicated to Thor and children.
Thor is the god of the common man, farmers and workers and protector of the world and especially of children. Thor protects middle earth against the forces of destruction and darkness. As the light begins to grow again, we are reminded that hope returns and that life will be renewed again in the spring.
In Norse mythology Thor's chariot was pulled by goats. He had the ability to resurrect the goats if killed, with a blow of his hammer. This again is a reminder of resurrection, and renewal as the days get brighter. The goat is still a symbol of Yule in Scandinavian countries left over from pagan times.

Children are also honoured on this day. This is very fitting as this time of year is most exciting for children with all the presents and treats for them. We honour our children with these gifts and enjoy seeing their faces light up with joy.
The virtue of this day is fidelity. While fidelity is often thought of in relation to one's partner, it also includes loyalty to our family and friends. At this time think of how you show loyalty to those around you, and how you can continue to throughout the coming year.
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  1. This is lovely, and very interesting!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Yup. Before 1900 the goat brought gifts to the children. We still have a tradition to place a goat made of straw under the Christmas tree, guarding eventual gifts.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these interesing facts!

    Yes, Linnea, my partner's parents have some mini straw goats on the Christmas tree they got in Europe! And IKEA had giant red string versions this year!