Wednesday, 30 December 2015

12 Days of Yule - Day 11 Sacred to the Valkyries and Warriors

The second last day of Yule is sacred to the Valkyries and Warriors. The Valkyries are led by the warrior and magical goddess Freya. Famous as beautiful warrior women, they are considered goddesses in their own right. In fact originally Valkyrie was a singular goddess, a corpse like figure of death. Over time it became a plural and they were transformed into the lovely strong golden haired maidens we know today. They are said to ride the skies after a battle and pick the best warriors upon death to join Odin in his hall Valhalla.
Today is a good day to reflect on those that serve us as warriors, wether those in the military in the traditional sense or less traditional roles. Certainly those that put themselves in danger to serve others like police, fireman, paramedics etc could all fall into this category. Then there are those who are fighting for social justice who are also warriors in their own right. It is good to reflect on those who have passed before us that fought for our rights that we have today. Personally I think of the suffragettes as warrior women, who I am very grateful to for the rights I enjoy as a woman today.

The virtue for today is self reliance. While it is good to ask for help (and sometimes we need to), it also good to learn some skills of independence for ourselves. Is there a life skill, like how to change a tire, or knitting, or even survival skills, that we might want to learn this year to help us be a little more independent?

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