Sunday, 27 December 2015

12 Dats of Yule - Day 8 Sacred to Skadi and Ullr

December 27 is the eighth day of Yule and is sacred to the goddess Skadi and the god Ullr. Skadi is then Norse goddess of the hunt, revenge, protection and skiing. She is the goddess of warrior women and protects the people especially in winter months. Ullr is also a winter deity of skiing and hunting.
During winter months hunting was an important food source for northern people. Most of us now do not rely on hunting as we did in the past, and our disconnected from our source of meat. Today is a good day to be thankful to the animals that supply us with meat and dairy as well as other products.

As both Skadi and Ullr are associated with skiing, it's a good day to think about what winter activities you can participate in. Skiing was developed to get around easily in snow covered areas and was used by hunters as an easy and swift way to travel in winter. Now it is a fun past time rather than out of necessity. Skiing, skating, and sledging at all great ways to get outdoors and enjoy the winter season. Rather than thinking of winter as an obstacle, think of activities that can make winter an enjoying time.
The virtue of the day is truth. This is a virtue other virtues rest upon. Without truth, we cannot communicate with others, or know who we are or what we want. Today is a good day to reflect upon how true you are to yourself and if you are living your life in a way that is truthful.

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