Saturday, 14 November 2015

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

I thought I'd start writing weekly astrological forecasts based on the the moon quarters - first quarter, full, last quarter and new. Please let me know if this is something you would like to keep seeing.

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Aquarius Moon Square Scorpio Sun
When the moon reaches its first quarter phase it is square the sun. Squares can be difficult aspects as they show internal tension. The key is to look at this aspect as an opportunity for growth.
This month the moon is in Aquarius the sign of learning, technology, and expansion. Emotionally we will want to move forward, expand our knowledge and have new experiences. We will be emotionally outgoing, and want to get out there and enjoy ourselves. However the sun, the planet that represents our will and sense of self is in Scorpio, the sign of passion, mystery, and secrets. We may want to keep this new found knowledge to ourselves and keep our new adventures secret. Don't be tempted to engage in clandestine behaviour. You will regret it later. It is a good time to expand occult or spiritual knowledge, or plan a surprise party. The key is integrating the two energies towards growth.

Aquarius Moon Square Scorpio Mercury
This aspect is like a mini Mercury retrograde. You may encounter traffic jams, computer break downs and lost keys. Take a deep breath and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Again you want to get out there and try new things and learn something new, but you are tempted to keep things secret. You may not feel as chatty or be as forthcoming with others. You may also sense others are not as open with you. There is an intensity in communication with others. Try not to get offended with any criticism, it may not be intended to be hurtful.

Scorpio Sun Conjunction Scorpio Mercury
This is a great aspect to express your creativity! You may have some flashes of insight, and be able to impress those in authority with your talents. Being in the sign of Scorpio, don't be afraid to express your mystical and passionate side. Others are intrigued by you.

Libra Venus Square Capricorn Pluto
This aspect can lead to innocent words or actions arousing an unpredictably strong reaction in others. Be aware that you may also be triggered. Libra Venus is lighthearted, harmonious and well meaning, but there is tension between it and serious Pluto in Capricorn. You may unwittingly stir up old memories or childhood issues. Just take a step back if you feel triggered and make sure to examine why.

Libra Mars Sextile Sagittarius Saturn This is a great aspect for getting long term plans into action. Mars is in the balanced sign of Libra, showing that our energy is steady and we can get our goals accomplished. When this encounters Saturn the planet of responsibility, we have an opportunity to make steady gains. As Saturn is in Sagittarius, any travel, higher education or legal plans we are making have an opportunity for a boost of energy.

Sagittarius Saturn Square Pisces Neptune If something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Pisces Neptune wants to believe the best, but it may get a harsh reality check from responsible Saturn. Try not to be discouraged. The obstacles to your big idea or goal may be there for a reason. Saturn just wants you to look at the details first before proceeding.

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