Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Unboxing - Butterfly Affirmations

tosay I received a new deck in the mail. It's not the kind I usually get as this one is all affirmations. I was looking for a new deck of affirmations as I have been using Louise L Hay's Power Thoughts for a few months and posting them on Instagram as a daily thought. Let me know what you think as I am thinking of using them for 2016 as daily positive thoughts.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekly Astrology Report - Full Moon in Gemini

photo source - mystic mama

Full Moon in Gemini
This week the moon goes full in Gemini on November 25 at 4:45pm CST. The full moon is always opposite the sun, which is in the sign of Sagittarius. The moon in Gemini will give us the energy to focus on a wide variety of things, perhaps even to the point of scattering out energy at times. This is not a highly emotional moon, but lends itself to learning, travel and communication. Expect this week to be an active one. The sun in Sagittarius means there may be some conflict between seeing the big picture and getting caught up in the small details. In all the activity of this week, don't lose sight of your overall goals.

Full Moon Gemini opposite Mercury in Sagittarius
All the activity of this week may make communicating your big ideas difficult. Expect delays with legal cases and school work. Don't let these little delays and set backs deter you from your goal.

Full Moon Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius
This aspect also tells us to expect delays in any legal activities, educational or travel goals. They may seem annoying right now, but they are happening for a reason. Without these set backs you would not readers and make your plans stronger and more solid.

Sun Sagittarius Conjunction Saturn Sagittarius You may have lots of responsibilities this week that are taking you away from fun activities you would rather be doing. However there is a good chance that your efforts will not go unnoticed by those in authority.

Mercury Sagittarius Sextile Mars Libra you have the opportunity this week to team up with a partner to accomplish any travel related goals or to put ideas into action. If you are looking to sell or buy a car this is a good week for this activity.

Mercury Conjunction Saturn in Sagittarius Your ideas and insights are sought by those in authority early this week. Take the opportunity to impress those in charge. Travel related to work is favoured this week.

Mars Libra Sextile Saturn Sagittarius
If you are organized and well prepared you can take advantage of this opportunity. This is a great time to get work done and delegate work to others if needed.

Saturn Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces
Deception is possible during this time, so if something sounds too good, it probably is. This is a great time for creative ideas and letting the imagination flow.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

I thought I'd start writing weekly astrological forecasts based on the the moon quarters - first quarter, full, last quarter and new. Please let me know if this is something you would like to keep seeing.

Photo Source - Earthsky.org

Aquarius Moon Square Scorpio Sun
When the moon reaches its first quarter phase it is square the sun. Squares can be difficult aspects as they show internal tension. The key is to look at this aspect as an opportunity for growth.
This month the moon is in Aquarius the sign of learning, technology, and expansion. Emotionally we will want to move forward, expand our knowledge and have new experiences. We will be emotionally outgoing, and want to get out there and enjoy ourselves. However the sun, the planet that represents our will and sense of self is in Scorpio, the sign of passion, mystery, and secrets. We may want to keep this new found knowledge to ourselves and keep our new adventures secret. Don't be tempted to engage in clandestine behaviour. You will regret it later. It is a good time to expand occult or spiritual knowledge, or plan a surprise party. The key is integrating the two energies towards growth.

Aquarius Moon Square Scorpio Mercury
This aspect is like a mini Mercury retrograde. You may encounter traffic jams, computer break downs and lost keys. Take a deep breath and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Again you want to get out there and try new things and learn something new, but you are tempted to keep things secret. You may not feel as chatty or be as forthcoming with others. You may also sense others are not as open with you. There is an intensity in communication with others. Try not to get offended with any criticism, it may not be intended to be hurtful.

Scorpio Sun Conjunction Scorpio Mercury
This is a great aspect to express your creativity! You may have some flashes of insight, and be able to impress those in authority with your talents. Being in the sign of Scorpio, don't be afraid to express your mystical and passionate side. Others are intrigued by you.

Libra Venus Square Capricorn Pluto
This aspect can lead to innocent words or actions arousing an unpredictably strong reaction in others. Be aware that you may also be triggered. Libra Venus is lighthearted, harmonious and well meaning, but there is tension between it and serious Pluto in Capricorn. You may unwittingly stir up old memories or childhood issues. Just take a step back if you feel triggered and make sure to examine why.

Libra Mars Sextile Sagittarius Saturn This is a great aspect for getting long term plans into action. Mars is in the balanced sign of Libra, showing that our energy is steady and we can get our goals accomplished. When this encounters Saturn the planet of responsibility, we have an opportunity to make steady gains. As Saturn is in Sagittarius, any travel, higher education or legal plans we are making have an opportunity for a boost of energy.

Sagittarius Saturn Square Pisces Neptune If something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Pisces Neptune wants to believe the best, but it may get a harsh reality check from responsible Saturn. Try not to be discouraged. The obstacles to your big idea or goal may be there for a reason. Saturn just wants you to look at the details first before proceeding.

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This month's homework assignment from the delightful Curious Professor Z, is giving thanks. While Thanksgiving has passed here in Canada back in October (thanks to her for mentioning this), expressing gratitude is something to be expressed at any time of year.
Below is a list of just a few things I am thankful for.

Source of photo - Toronto Star

1. I live in a peaceful country
I'm going to get a little political for a moment, so if you are not into that, please feel free to skip items 1 and 2. I think we are all saddened by the events of yesterday that took place in Paris. While I am saddened to hear of that and of the recent bombings that took place in Lebanon and Bagdad, I am also reminded to appreciate living in a stable, peaceful, and prosperous country. My mum used to tell me that being born in Canada (or any peaceful country) was like winning the lottery and to appreciate it. While we are not immune to our share of violence (like last years attack on our parliament by a cray man with a gun), You can read about it herewe have not had to deal with tragedies on this scale. My heart goes out to those that do, and to the innocent people that may get needlessly blamed for the violent actions of others. I hope that things will improve for everyone.

On a side note, we actually were evacuated at my work a couple of weeks ago due to a "suspicious package." It turned out to be something probably left behind from the previous weekends Comic Con, but I am thankful everyone was safe.

2. We had a change in government Above is a photo of me with our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! I met him this summer when the campaign was just about to start. I'm very glad he won, because the old government was terrible. I could go on and on about how bad it was, loosening environmental laws, censuring scientists from speaking to the media, destroying archives etc. This new government is a breath of fresh air! Our new PM as his first actions, appointed a gender equal cabinet and told scientists relight away they are free to speak to the media again. Things are looking up politically and I'm very excited about what the future may hold.

3. My partner and kids
Okay, enough about politics. This is the number one thing I am thankful for. I've been with my wonderful partner for 4 years now. I'd show you a photo of him and my two adorable step kids, but he's pretty private about photos and info on the Internet, so I will respect that. Instead above is a photo of my step-daughters chalk art she made at Grandma's house on Thanksgiving.
Being with such a positive partner is wonderful. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage for years. Being in a healthy partnership is so amazing! He is kind, funny, supportive and we share the same values and many of the same tastes. The kids have helped me grow in many ways too, and are always surprising me and inspiring me.

4. Family and Friends I have loads more photos from Thanksgiving, but I don't know how much my family is comfortable with on the blog, so I've included this dark non descript photo so that it gives you an idea of thanksgiving at my folk's house. It's a large family (I'm one of six) and there's grandkids for my parents now too. I'm grateful for them and for all my wonderful supportive friends.

5.Creative expression
Wether it's reading cards, making paintings like things above I'm working on, or blogging, I am thankful I get to express my creativity and share it with all of you. Thanks so much for reading my blog and watching my vlogs. Ian so thankful for you all as well! :)

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