Friday, 23 October 2015

Spooky Strega

Spooky Strega

Miss Selfridge black crop top
18 CAD -

Skater skirt
79 CAD -

Black booties
53 CAD -

Black purse
64 CAD -

Rock N Rose heart necklace
42 CAD -

Black hat
17 CAD -

So I'm a little late to the Polyvore games I checked it out this week and found it was really fun tool on through various items and put together different outfits.  Right now I've been obsessed with dark mori and Strega fashion. The two outfits I put together I feel are more witchy/Strega than dark mori. 
I do have the floppy black hat and a purse somewhat like the one above. I think it's a realistic outfit as a tank and black a line skirt are pretty easy to come by.  
The second out fit below us a little more dressy. I do have the parasol and a long black dress although not with long sleeves. The other items I think are fIrly easy to find as well. 
What do you think of my attempts at polyvore?