Monday, 12 October 2015

New Oracle Decks

Last week I recoeved two new oracle decks in the mail. The first is the Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid. This deck I'm planning to use as my daily card draw deck for myself for 2016. It's a lovely gentle deck and I'm really enjoying it's playful yet honest energy.
The second deck is the Fallen Angel Oracle. I have mixed feelings about this deck, but will continue to work with it. What are your thoughts on these decks?


  1. Oooh how exciting! Net sucks so I can't watch vids right now but I shall look up the decks!Oh wow, Wisdom Oracle is utterly gorgeous!!!

    I love the fallen angel oracle too! If I had more money,..

  2. Yes I am enjoying the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. The Fallen Angel is beautiful but I have to work with it a little more.