Sunday, 27 September 2015

Weekly Tarot Horoscope for Sept 28 - Oct 04

i'm back with the weekly tarot reading for each sign. I'm using the Tarot of the Vampyres by Isn Daniels, my deck I'm using for this fall's readings. Please let me know if you'd like me to continue with these, or if you prefer the three card weekly readings.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Strega Lifestyle - Dark Forest Witch Part 2

If you read my last post a couple of weeks ago, you will know that I have been very inspired by Dark Mori and Strega fashion. Dark Mori is an offshoot of Mori which does have a lot of rules including interests and lifestyle. This seems to also somewhat be in Dark Mori, though not as much. Interests like collecting oddities, hanging out in nature, antiques, old books and being more solitary and quiet are considered to be part of a Dark Mori lifestyle. Strega does not have these rules as it is whatever it means to you. Whatever brings out your inner witchiness is fair game. Below is a list of intrests and activities that make me feel like a real Dark Forest Witch.

Okay, this is a no brainer. What brings out your witchiness more than witchcraft itself? I should clarify that to be a part of this fashion trend you do not have to be Wiccan or Pagan. You can be Christian, Jewish, etc. or no religion at all. It's not about religion but about embracing the mysterious and intuitive side of you.
For me as a Wiccan, it is pretty obvious that I'm all about embracing the inner witch. So for me practicing the craft is a part of why I identify with this fashion trend.
For those that aren't Wiccan, I would encourage you to embrace your spiritual side and express it in a way that is meaningful to you. Even simple rituals like lighting a candle and meditating, or writing a list of things you want to release in your life and burning it, can help you release your inner witch.

Divination and Fortune Telling
Strega fashion abounds with occult symbols, including Ouija boards, tarot, crystal balls and palmistry symbols. Adding these symbols to your wardrobe will definitely up your witchy vibe. But why not also add these arts to your lifestyle if you choose? I read tarot and lenormand cards, Angel and fairy cards. I also am an astrologer and read tea leaves. I think these are skills anyone who is interested can learn. Even if you don't ever do them professionally, they can open you up to your intuitive side . For me these things are a big part of my Dark Forest Witch lifestyle.

I love crystals, and am an avid collector. Even if you do not work with their energies, wearing these beautiful works of nature are staples in Strega and Dark Mori fashion. If you love wearing of collecting these beautiful stones, I would encourage you to learn more about them and work with their energies.

Spending Time in Nature
This is another no brainer. How can you be a dark forest witch without the forest? Even if you don't live in a forest, connecting with nature is an important part of this lifestyle. We can't all live in the forest or even in the country, but even in an urban setting there are parks and gardens. I love going for walks in my neighbourhood and noticing the movement of birds, and the changing seasons. I also like to pick up interesting natural objects like a cool stone or feathers left by passing birds.

Collecting Antiques and Oddities
okay - I'm not into oddities like dead animal bones, like some people are. I love antiques but don't have the money for it right now. I do treasure the ones I have received as gifts, and I do have a fabulous royal momento collection, which includes this coronation cup from 1913. I'm always on the look out for this stuff so you never know what will be added to the collection next.

I love to read and I think most witchy type people do. I gave a massive collection of books and keep squiring more. There is so much literary goodness out there! While I do read about Wiccan, pagan, new age and occult subjects, I also read fiction too. I love classics like the gothic romances Jane Eure and Wuthering Heights and magical fantasies like Harry Potter and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell.

What activities make you feel witchy?
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