Sunday, 23 August 2015

Stone of the Month - Garnet

As discussed in a previous post, I've decided to pick a theme for each lunar month. This month the theme is positive energy. I thought it would be good to work with a crystal each month to help focus this energy. This month I chose January's birthstone - garnet.

Garnet has long been considered a powerful talisman and healing stone. It energizes and balances the chakras and is considered a protective talisman as it will warn you of approaching danger.
I picked this stone as it is a great stone for raising one's courage and self esteem. It can help you in a crisis to focus fragmented energy, to turn it into an opportunity and to attract assistance. It helps to rid yourself of negativity and of patterns or behaviours that may be holding you back, including self sabotage. It can also aid you in riding yourself of patterns that no longer serve you because it aids in past life recall.

A close up of my piece of garnet. As you can see, it is a very dark red.

On a healing level, garnet stimulates the blood, metabolism and DNA regeneration. Wear it in earrings, on rings, or keep it in contact with your skin for maximum benefits.
Garnet comes in many colours and is very plentiful, so it is not an expensive or hard to find stone. It can vary in colour from dark yellow, to brown, pink and most famously a rich deep red. The red garnet in particular is a stone of love and devotion and can be used to enhance one's sexual energies and passion for life.

What are your thoughts on garnet?

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  1. When I was younger garnet was my favourite, I loved the bloody ruby colour and that it does not have the same quesrionable background as diamonds. I have also always liked amethyst, so those two would probably be my favourites.