Sunday, 2 August 2015

Deck Review - The Vintage Wisdom Oracle

This month for my daily draws on Instagram and Facebook I will be using the Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Mosley. I have been wanting this deck for a while and had the pleasure of receiving it in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I have been working with it a lot recently, and thought I would do a quick review for you all.

This deck is very well packaged, especially for a U.S. Games Systems deck. The box and cards are a good size, the cards are about the size of most Blue Angel decks, though the box and book slightly smaller than BA. The box is very sturdy and can be used to store the cards and book as it is not flimsy. There is also a lovely design with silver gilding on the box.

Companion Book
The companion book is 79 pages which may not seem like it would contain enough info, but it does. Space is saved as it does not include thumbnails or full pics of the cards. The author describes the inspiration for the cards in the first part, then the bulk of the book contains the meanings for each card. Each card gets about a page of info which I think is a good amount. Her thoughts on each of the cards are very insightful and I love that she both made the cards and wrote the book. Usually one person makes the art and one writes the book. It is refreshing to see the art and thought behind it from one person.
Finally the last part of the book includes sample spreads. These are not your typical spreads as she uses Victorian themes like the Penny Farthing spread and the Chatelaine spread.

Above is the card backing artwork. I love the art nouveau design and think it is very luxurious and evokes a sense of opulence.
The cards themselves are matte, which I think also matches with the vintage artwork. There is a simple olive coloured border on the cards. I personally do not think it distracts from the imagery. Though if you don't like borders, you may not like this.
The card stock is okay. I think it could stand to be a little thicker, but it is not the flimsiest I've seen either.

Above are three of the cards from the deck. The cards combine images from vintage postcards, pre-raphelite art, along with ancient and natural settings, and various flora and fauna. Birds, butterflies and flowers feature heavily in this deck. The result is feminine, haunting and nostalgic. For me it evokes thoughts of fairies, summer evenings, Edwardian and Victorian literature and art, and vague dreamy memories. I don't usually enjoy collage, but this work is beautifully done.

The artwork is beautiful and the packaging is sturdy and lovely, but how does it read? I'm happy to say I have had excellent readings from my deck for myself and have used it with clients with great results as well. It is great at augmenting tarot readings as it helps show overall themes. It is also a very gentle and positive deck.
Overall I would highly recommend this deck, especially if you've Victorian and Edwardian artwork.

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  1. Wow, those are really lovely old fashioned images! Love it!