Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Spiritual Workshop and a New Deck This Week

This week was a quiet one. Above you will find my end of the month mini haul. I picked a few items up at the workshop I attended this past week.  I went to the final instalment of the workshop Connecting With Spirit at Divine Clarity on Saturday.It was great being able to connect with likeminded people and be able to learn about such esoteric topics as the Universal Laws, Ascension, Death, Dreams Indigo kids etc. I love learning about these kind of subjects and integrating them into my practice wether personally spiritually or bringing some of the intuitive skills forth when reading for clients. Plus I find learning about all these kinds of topics fun and interesting.
 This week I also read for some really great clients who were very vibrant and filled with a lot of positive energy. It's great to be able to do something I love and watch my business slowly growing. I can't wait to build it up enough to have it be s full time gig. I'm not there yet, but I am getting there and in the meantime I get to do something on the side I love.
 Also this week, I had a unexpected delivery come by post. I was not expecting it until mid August, but it came super fast! I finally received the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck! I had ordered it in February only to get an email saying it was sold out. Finally I re-purchased it and it came. Below is my Unboxing video. I'll be working with this one in Srptember as my daily draw deck for those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

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