Saturday, 25 July 2015

July 24 Update - Psychics and Politics, What a Week.

I apologize for not updating in a while. I thought I would do a quick update to get everyone up to speed on what I've been up to. This past weekend I was attending a workshop run by a local psychic and medium about developing your intuition and spiritual connection. Her company is called Divine Clarity, and you can check out her website at Here. It is a three day workshop, with the first two days last weekend, and the last day is tomorrow. I'm very excited as tomorrow we will be talking about life after death, NDEs, past lives etc. The first couple of days we talked about auras, chakras, and positive energy. It was an informative and uplifting weekend.
She lives next to a lovely nature trail too. So I went for a walk and took some photos.


Mid week I got together with one of my besties Nicole for a birthday dinner and shopping. It was nice to get out and enjoy the summer. We enjoyed bare burritos (all the burrito fillings in a bowl).

Finally I had a pretty cool experience this week when I went out for lunch on my workday. There is a street nearby my work where there are lots of food trucks and it was there that I met the leader of the Canadian Liberal party - Justin Trudeau! For my non Canadian friends, I'll use an American comparison, this is like meeting the leader of the Democratic Party. Hopefully he will be our next Prime Minister. And yes he is related to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (his son). He was very nice and took a minute to chat about the importance of protecting our environment.

So how was your week?

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  1. Oooh the nature trail sounds great! And bestie lunches!