Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Hunt for the Perfect Purse

A couple of months ago I needed new shoes and boots desperately so treated myself to some new Demonia boots, sandals and Mary Janes. You can see them in my Nay and April Haul videos, if you are interested. Now another basic is in need of replacing - my beloved purse!

I got this purse when I went to London in 2011, so it has definitely lasted a long time. It's faded and a bit dingy looking, but the canvass is strong, and it is the perfect size with just the right amount of pockets. I found it in a tourist store near Paddington station for about £20. Not a bad find I'd say.
As I said though, it is getting a bit dingy. So it might be time for a new one. I'm fussy though, and this one will be hard to replace. I like bags that can be worn cross shoulder leaving my hands free, so that rules out most traditional handbags. I also like it to be big enough to hold my things without being overly cumbersome. I have a couple of cute messenger bags, but they are too big for an everyday purse. I probably should get a little purse though for going out, when I just need a few items on me.
I looked on Killstar and saw these cute purses but I'm not sure they are big enough. I couldn't find the dimensions though, which is a bit problematic.

I saw this one as well. It does not look practical, but I might get it as a small "going out" type purse. It is very different.

I also looked at Grindstore and saw quite a number of bags there, though again, I'm wondering about the size. I saw these two. I'd probably be more likely to go with the first, but the second I admit I did consider.

I saw others on EBay, including a pistol belt shoulder bag and a purple plaid one. The problem is - I'm just so fussy! I know I will make a decision soon though.

What do you look for in a purse?

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  1. That unicorn one! I also like the faery ones from On Gossamer Wings! That pyramid one is lovely but hanging it from the narrowest point seems like asking for trouble. I like messenger bags or smallish backpacks as I know i can fit a book, water and other needful things.

  2. I agree the unicorn one is nice but the pyramid shape is asking for trouble.

  3. I have the coffin shaped killstar bag. REALLY love it but always find myself playing tetris when going out. Max things I can fit in: purse, pair of sunglasses, keys, mobile, a lipstick and mirror.