Saturday, 13 June 2015

Happy Litha/Midsummer!

This Sunday June 21 is Summer Solstice or Litha in neopaganism. This day is the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours, and marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. While it mostly goes unnoticed here in Canada, it is an important holiday still in Sweden where it is known as Midsummer. In Britain the ancient monument of Stonehenge is opened up to the public, where revellers gather to welcome the sunrise.

For myself and many other pagans, it is an important day as it is one of the eight great Sabbats of the year. Different traditions will place different meanings on the day. For me it is a celebration of the sun god, as he is at his height at this time of year. The sun is associated with the God and in solstice he is the powerful Sun King. This is a time to make big wishes, and to cast spells for long term goals. Some people will burn bonfires on this night, the shortest of the year, made from sacred woods and herbs. You can write your wishes on scraps of paper and toss them into the fire. The brave can jump over the bonfire and make their wish as they jump.
Summer solstice is also a powerful time to connect with Fairies. It is said that between Beltane and Lirha is when one is most likely to see them. It is a great time to leave offerings for the www folk, or to make a fairy garden to attract them.

How do you celebrate Midsummer?
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  1. Happy Litha! We are having our longest night on the 22nd here, which probably lines up with your 21st seeing as we are a day ahead!

  2. Oh, nice tradition. I like writing wishes on a paper and toss into fire.
    I didn't know Litha before, now I know. advance Happy Litha to you!

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