Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Monthly Tarot Giveaway

Posted below is the monthly free giveaway reading. Roses and Vellum was the winner this month. If you are interested in receiving a free reading next month, just comment below you are interested. It's that simple!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Weekly Tarotscope Reading

hi everyone. Here is the weekly tarot forecast by sun sign. If you know your rising sign, pay attention to that one's card too!

Book Sale Haul

I got some awesome books last week. Chapters had a sale on everything in the store - buy 3 get the 4th free! I ended up picking up two books and two decks. Yeah!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Weekly Tarotscope reading June 15-21

i thought I would start doing these weekly readings again. I am also going to do a giveaway free three card reading next week. If you are interested, please just comment below, and o will draw a name next week.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Happy Litha/Midsummer!

This Sunday June 21 is Summer Solstice or Litha in neopaganism. This day is the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours, and marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. While it mostly goes unnoticed here in Canada, it is an important holiday still in Sweden where it is known as Midsummer. In Britain the ancient monument of Stonehenge is opened up to the public, where revellers gather to welcome the sunrise.

For myself and many other pagans, it is an important day as it is one of the eight great Sabbats of the year. Different traditions will place different meanings on the day. For me it is a celebration of the sun god, as he is at his height at this time of year. The sun is associated with the God and in solstice he is the powerful Sun King. This is a time to make big wishes, and to cast spells for long term goals. Some people will burn bonfires on this night, the shortest of the year, made from sacred woods and herbs. You can write your wishes on scraps of paper and toss them into the fire. The brave can jump over the bonfire and make their wish as they jump.
Summer solstice is also a powerful time to connect with Fairies. It is said that between Beltane and Lirha is when one is most likely to see them. It is a great time to leave offerings for the www folk, or to make a fairy garden to attract them.

How do you celebrate Midsummer?
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Curses, Hexes and Fire Tools

rhis week I uploaded two videos about magicked. The first was a response to some YouTube videos going around the witchy and pagan community about curses and hexes. There were some very thoughtful posts I thought on both sides of the debate. I think that no matter what your opinion, it's good to hear other voices so you know where they are coming from.

The second video is part of my Wicca 101 series. It's a little sub series about tools. I've been breaking it down by the elements as it is such a large subject.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

What I am Reading This Month - June

I think I will start a monthly post featuring the books I am reading. You see I have a problem when it comes to books, the same way some people have a problem with shoes. It's hard to pass a book store without being inevitably sucked in and accosted by some poor book that just wants to come with me. And I can't just read one at a time - no, no, no. One must have several going at once. So below you will find this month's culprits.

You Can Heal Your Life - Companion Book
This is the companion book to go with Louise Hay's classic book. I read that book from time to time as it reminds me to keep positive. This book is more challenging in that it gets you to journal about your beliefs and come up with affirmations. I recommend it if you are doing any personal or shadow work, and are looking at healing parts of your life.

Eastern Body Western Mind
This book is another oldie but a goody. I have the older edition as seen above. It's been reprinted with a new cover featuring a lotus flower drawing. The book takes you through the seven chakras, focusing on the health and psychological issues that arise when these energy centres are blocked or excessive, and goes through ways you can heal them. It's very in depth and while it is an older book, it is still a classic.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit
This is a newer book by Tori Hartman, who is also the author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards. I got the cards last year and find they are excellent for pointing out areas you need to work on and issues you may be dealing with. The book takes you through each of the chakras and cards and has weekly meditations and exercises for you to work on. It takes a year to work through it all, so I will have to let you know how it is when I finish it, but I am enjoying it so far.

Assertiveness for Earth Angels
This is also a newer book by Doreen Virtue that I believe came out last year. I'd seen it in the bookstore a few times and walked past, but picked it up this week, as I am really trying to work on being more assertive. I guess all the other work I'm doing form the above books on my base chakra made me think of this. I like some of her books better than others and this one seems quite practical with tips on how to deal with certain toxic behaviours or relationships. Again I should do a review when I'm done to let you know how it is.

What are you reading this month?
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The Hunt for the Perfect Purse

A couple of months ago I needed new shoes and boots desperately so treated myself to some new Demonia boots, sandals and Mary Janes. You can see them in my Nay and April Haul videos, if you are interested. Now another basic is in need of replacing - my beloved purse!

I got this purse when I went to London in 2011, so it has definitely lasted a long time. It's faded and a bit dingy looking, but the canvass is strong, and it is the perfect size with just the right amount of pockets. I found it in a tourist store near Paddington station for about £20. Not a bad find I'd say.
As I said though, it is getting a bit dingy. So it might be time for a new one. I'm fussy though, and this one will be hard to replace. I like bags that can be worn cross shoulder leaving my hands free, so that rules out most traditional handbags. I also like it to be big enough to hold my things without being overly cumbersome. I have a couple of cute messenger bags, but they are too big for an everyday purse. I probably should get a little purse though for going out, when I just need a few items on me.
I looked on Killstar and saw these cute purses but I'm not sure they are big enough. I couldn't find the dimensions though, which is a bit problematic.

I saw this one as well. It does not look practical, but I might get it as a small "going out" type purse. It is very different.

I also looked at Grindstore and saw quite a number of bags there, though again, I'm wondering about the size. I saw these two. I'd probably be more likely to go with the first, but the second I admit I did consider.

I saw others on EBay, including a pistol belt shoulder bag and a purple plaid one. The problem is - I'm just so fussy! I know I will make a decision soon though.

What do you look for in a purse?

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May Haul

I thought I didn't get many items this past month, but it turns out I did. Check out my haul below for clothes, makeup, books and oracle cards. This month includes my new favourite pair of shoes. :)