Saturday, 16 May 2015

Astrology - May New Moon in Taurus and Mercury Retrograde

This Monday May 18 the moon will be New in the sign of Taurus . This position means it's a great time for starting new projects that have to do with finances, home, gardening and nurturing. So if you are thinking of planting your garden, renovating, or starting a financial plan, now is the time to do so. It's also a great time to cast spells to give these projects a beginning boost, as Taurus spells tend to be longer lasting.
The moon quickly moves into Gemini and is conjunct Mars early in the week, so energy and willpower will help you with any of the above projects. Watch for emotions running high though, as some people's temper may flare. With the emotional moon and temperamental Mars in Gemini,
there may be heated arguments and miscommunication as some may take disagreements personally.
These two planets are opposite retrograde Saturn, the planet of restrictions and rules. During this time we may feel frustrated by the lack of structure around you. Rules that usually apply or routines may be thrown off frustrating us.
Miscommunications are highlighted as Mercury goes into retrograde on this day. The retrograde lasts until June 11. As with all Mercury retrogrades, there may be travel delays, tickets or keys may be misplaced and communications may break down at times. This is time to reassess things and redo projects. See these breakdowns not as a road block, but as a chance to fix things that may need reworking.
Mercury is square Neptune when it goes into retrograde, pointing to daydreaming and vague thinking causing some of the communication breakdown. Make sure to think through the details when communicating your big plans and ideas. The planet is also sextile Jupiter, meaning that if we do think things through, there is the opportunity for growth and expansion.
Venus is opposite Pluto in retrograde. Efforts to make our environment more tasteful or to beautify ourselves may be thwarted by changes going on around us. If you allow the changes in life to inspire you though, you may decide to make some great art or music.
This week's overall theme is to not struggle against outside changes and to remain calm within. Don't let little setbacks, or other people's emotions get you down. If you stay still within yourself, and pay attention, you just might be inspired.

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  1. Glad retrograde ends before my birthday party, hopefully everything will go smoothly! I swear it has been nonstop chaos for my friends and i for a year now!