Sunday, 5 April 2015

Book Review - the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

While I have always loved crystals, I just recently commuted myself to learn more about them. I picked up the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall as it looked like a good general book to start learning about them.

The first section of the book discusses how crystals are formed, and how to care for your crystals. The second part of the book is by far the biggest section. It is an alphabetical resource of over 200 crystals. Each entry has photos of the crystal including different colour variants. This helps with identifying your stones. There is also a handy chart discussing colours, appearance, rarity and countries they are sourced from.
The body of the entry is divided into attributes, healing attributes and position to wear them. If there are colour variants, their attributes are listed as well.
Finally the last section of the book has a large write up on the different shapes crystals come in and how you can best use these shapes. This is followed by a reference guide to using crystals for healing purposes.
This book is 383 pages of great basic crystal information. The alphabetical order and excellent photos make for easy reference, and each entry contains a wealth of info about the stones attributes.
I find myself going back to it to look up new stones as I get them, so I know how to best use them. I would definitely recommend this book of you are just starting to get into crystals.

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  1. sounds like a good book to start studies on or to give to friends!

    1. Yes, it's a great intro Crystal book!