Saturday, 25 April 2015

Beltane Astrology Forecast

This Friday May 01 is the celebration known as May Day or Beltane in pagan circles. It is the first fire festival of the year and is opposite of Halloween or Samhain on the wheel of the year. While Samhain focuses on endings and death, Beltane is about fertility and life. Here on the Canadian prairies, the grass is just starting to turn green, buds are forming on the trees and people are getting their gardens ready for planting later in the month. It's a great time to celebrate the arrival of spring!

For those of us who are pagans and celebrate the day, I thought I would give a little astrological forecast to help you with any spell work. This May Day the moon is almost full (it will be on Sunday the 3rd), making it a great time for manifesting your desires. The moon is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus the sign the Sun is currently in. This makes it a great day for working on spells involving self love, art or beauty. Use the day to focus on appreciating yourself and recognizing your own inner beauty. With the moon in balanced Libra and Sun in patient Taurus it is a great time for adding energy to any long term goals involving partnerships as well.

The Libra moon will be opposite Uranus, the planet of sudden insights and changes, and square Pluto, the planet of transitions. Surprises may throw you off guard and you may emotionally resist any changes you will have to make because of this. Jupiter is sextile the moon though, so if you can recognize the opportunity in these changes, all will be well.
With the Taurus Sun sextile Uranus and trine Pluto, you might emotionally resist any changes, but you are also conscious of how it may help you in the long run. So it again says you can turn any disruptions for the best.

Mercury steps into one of its home signs Gemini on this day, placing emphasis on communication. It is opposite Retrograde Saturn, so be prepared for opposition to some of your ideas, especially if it involves changing rules or organization.
Venus is in the sign of Gemini too at this time, making it a great day for communicating with your loved one. Use the Venus energy and the moon and sun energy in her home signs (Libra and Taurus respectively) to have heart to heart talks about your long term plans together.

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