Saturday, 14 March 2015

What's For Lunch? Corp Goth Mid Month Status Report

This month's Corp Goth mid month report asks "what's for lunch?" I work a 9-5 office job Monday to Friday, so I usually take my lunch around 1pm and I pack a lunch for the day and a snack most weekdays. I bring a small refillable bottle of veg/fruit juice for a morning pick me up,and a Jello lemon meringue flavoured pudding (my favourite flavour) for an afternoon snack.
I take my lunch alone most days as I answer phones and talk to people so I feel like I need a break to read and just have a little quiet time. My lunch often consists of a salad (ceasar or southwest). I buy a couple of the bagged salads at the store and divide them in half so that I get four out of two bags. I bring a piece of fruit - this week it is plumcot, an amazingly delicious franken fruit combining plums and apricots - yum. I also have a yogurt in my lunch, usually a citrus flavour. I'm a fan of lemon, lime and orange yogurts.

Once a week I go out for lunch, usually on Fridays. There is a Subway in the building which I sometimes go to if I forget or am too busy to pack a lunch. But on Fridays I like to go to one of the nearby restaurants for something different. Working downtown, there are lots of options, especially with a mall right nearby. One of my Favourites is a local place called Bodegoes . It has wraps, burritos, noodle boxes, fries, and also cupcakes from another local place Cakeology.. My favourite thing is either the chicken peanut noodles or the falafel wrap. I'll often grab a cupcake on these days as my afternoon snack. :)

In summer the choices get even better. A block away from my office is a major street where various food trucks line up for blocks, adding up to a huge variety of choices. My two favourites are the Habanero Sombrero and the Red Ember . The first serves authentic Mexican tacos. These are so delicious on a hot summer day!

The Red Ember is the largest food truck in Winnipeg (it's one of the largest in the world). It actually has two levels and has a wood fired oven inside it. Not just visually impressive, they churn out delicious pizza with all locally sourced ingredients.
Needless to say I am looking forward to summer when I can have so much culinary variety so close at hand. And every year there are new trucks to try out.

For now though, I'm trying to keep it healthy and balanced.
Looking forward to reading about all the other Corp Goth lunches!

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  1. I have never tried plumcot. Cakeology sounds delicious!