Saturday, 28 March 2015

March Update

Just thought I'd do a quick update for the month of March. This month has flown by quickly for me. It is almost over and I feel like it had just started! On the bright side that means winter is coming to an end just as rapidly. Don't get me wrong, I like winter, but by the time I get to March I'm pretty much done. This year spring seems to have come early as the snow here on the Canadian prairies is mostly melted. Last year we still had several feet of snow and it was quite cold. Most days these past two weeks have been above freezing.
That being said, it's time to put the winter coats and boots away and bring out the spring ones. My boots have had the bun pretty much, so I have been shopping for new ones. I was looking for Demonias online, but many have very high heels that aren't practical for day to day use. I finally found a pair I really like that are "unisex" but trying to find free or low cost shipping to Canada is difficult. Some sites say it is free, then you put in your address and suddenly it's $50! I guess I may have to suck it up if I want the boots.

Besides looking for new spring wear this month, I had the privilege of attending this years Spirit Seekers Conference last week at the hotel Fort Gary. It's a two day new age and metaphysical conference held on the weekend of spring equinox each year. I took loads of classes on everything from spiritual protection, working with Angels, mediumship and Fire reading. I think I will do a separate post on each of those topics and maybe even make a video on fire reading. It was really different and something I might add to my repertoire. Let me know if you are interested. Here are some pics of the event.

Finally I also launched my new website See here and got some business cards made. I'm making progress on my business, and enjoying seeing it begin to form and take life. It is making me very excited for my future. :)

March Reading
E3 by Pam Grout
The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlin Matthews
The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection by Doreen Virtue

March Cards
Revelations Tarot by Zachary Wong
wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

March Music
Lungs by Florence and the Machine
Ophelia's by Emelie Autumn
Through the Gash by Hannah Fury

March Shows
ghost Adventures
Dead Files
Bob's Burgers

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  1. I would love to learn about fire readings!

    Thank you for reminding me about Hannah Fury, I am listening to her now!

    Boy do I know what you mean about expensive post costs! Getting things from overseas here is expensive too! I would have thought you could get stuff from America pretty cheaply though? Canada is next door!

  2. Love this post, and looking forward to those new posts! xx