Saturday, 28 February 2015

Beautiful Sounds

This month's homework assignment is beautiful sounds. We have been asked to share what is the most beautiful music we've ever heard. This I found somewhat difficult, as I can think of music I like easily but the most beautiful piece? That I am struggling with. I listen to a lot of industrial and EBM as well as some death metal and screamo right now, but while I enjoy these I wouldn't necessarily describe the music as beautiful.
I don't just listen to this style of music though, I also enjoy old school metal, classic rock and even classical music.I thought that classical might be more beautiful, so started thinking in that vein. But I didn't think of anything specific in that genre either.
I also listen to New Age music when I meditate, particularly Aeoliah and that music is very pretty and relaxing, but still not quite what I was aiming for.
Finally when I thought about music from movies, I settled on a piece that I've always liked and thought was beautiful in a melancholy and pretty sort of way. It's also from a favourite movie of mine, so that doesn't hurt either. It's the Puano Duet from the Corpse Bride!

What are your thoughts on this song?

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  1. Ah I like that, it's such a lovely scene too!

    I found the assignment hard too, because the music that speaks most to me might not necesscarily be considered the most beautiful!

  2. Loved the movie and the song, a great choice for this assignment!

  3. *SQUEE* I was hoping someone would do something with Corpse Bride. I love this soundtrack and especially this song. Wonderful choice. Thanks for participating!