Saturday, 28 February 2015

New decks!

I realized that I forgot to post my latest youtube videos from this past week. It was a busy week for je as I actually posted three different videos. Yeah me for being so prolific! The first is a review of a deck I got that was a repurchase of one I used to have years ago. I don't know what happened to it, but I haven't seen it in years. Lately I've been seeing it in the store and it's been calling out to me. So I  bought it and I feel like I'm connecting with an old friend.

The second is an Unboxing video. I ordered four decks (one hasn't been released yet), so wasn't sure which one it was. Join me in the reveal below.

And finally I did a post about the Witch's Pyramid as part of my Wicca 101 series. Hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful Sounds

This month's homework assignment is beautiful sounds. We have been asked to share what is the most beautiful music we've ever heard. This I found somewhat difficult, as I can think of music I like easily but the most beautiful piece? That I am struggling with. I listen to a lot of industrial and EBM as well as some death metal and screamo right now, but while I enjoy these I wouldn't necessarily describe the music as beautiful.
I don't just listen to this style of music though, I also enjoy old school metal, classic rock and even classical music.I thought that classical might be more beautiful, so started thinking in that vein. But I didn't think of anything specific in that genre either.
I also listen to New Age music when I meditate, particularly Aeoliah and that music is very pretty and relaxing, but still not quite what I was aiming for.
Finally when I thought about music from movies, I settled on a piece that I've always liked and thought was beautiful in a melancholy and pretty sort of way. It's also from a favourite movie of mine, so that doesn't hurt either. It's the Puano Duet from the Corpse Bride!

What are your thoughts on this song?

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

February Three Card Reading

I decided that I would do a quick three card reading for the energies this week. Let me know what you think, and if you think I should do more of these.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Update

January just seemed to whiz by for me. It's already February, and Imbolc has passed and we are marching towards Valentine's Day. I had set a few goals for The new year, and am on my way having accomplished a couple this January. First, I wanted to overhaul my Etst store and put up some different readings and some art work. You can check out my store Here.
I also will be reading cards on Sunday's at a local metaphysical shop! I'm very excited, as I have been going to this store for 20 years, and live the vibe of the place.

I would of liked this past month to get more painting and writing done - but one thing at a time, I know.
How was your January?