Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sweater Season

Unless you are lucky enough to be living in a warm sunny climate, or down under where it's summer, it's probably getting chilly out there. Here it is a delightful -7C, so it's time to bring out cozy sweaters and sit in front of a fire. This time of year there are loads of sweaters to be had in the shops but not all of them suit my gothic taste. I'm not into the whole ugly sweater thing either - funny as it is. So I decided to look for inspiration online for gothic style sweaters.
First I came across these two sweaters from

The first has a lovely distressed look, while the second has a more elegant and feminine design. I love the faux fur and buckles on the front.
I then found this delightfully batty cardigan by Sour Puss.

The following two I found on Tumblr and I enjoy the simplicity of the large graphic on black.

The next pair I saw on Polyvore. They both have a pastel goth vibe, but I still enjoy them.

And finally if you are really into the traditional Christmas sweater, you can always go for some Christmas Krampus knitted ones.

What are your thoughts on winter sweaters?

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  1. I've never done the Christmas sweater thing, I really like the crescent moon one. I like the shape of the first three, the bulky shape of the others seems like it might be baggy and unflattering, but maybe it depends on the person. I think I'm more of a jacket person.

    1. Agreed about sweaters can sometimes be too baggy. I find it depends what it's paired with too.

  2. ahh ~ I've been wanting to have nice gothy-style sweater since forever. Hardly have that in my country. I like the moon, and both the bats print sweater... (◕ω◕★)