Monday, 1 December 2014

Review - Angel Tarot Cards

This past month I picked up a deck of Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, with Steve Roberts as the illustrator. I recently have gotten interested in working with more angelic energy and saw these in a bookstore, so decided to purchase them. They aren't my usual style of cards, but the more I work with them, the more I am enjoying their gentle, positive energy. I think they will be especially good for clients that are maybe a little spooked by traditional tarot, are more religious, or are drawn to Angels in particular.

Artwork and Design
The artwork is digital which I'm usually not into, but it works for this deck. The images are fantastical, ethereal and brightly coloured. This is not a dark deck in any way. The major arcana feature various archangels, and the suits are divided into the elements air, water, fire and earth. The art on the air cards feature unicorns, water is mermaids, fire is dragons and earth is fairies. Personally I would of used fairies for air and unicorns for earth, but I can see why she did this as the unicorn horns can be a sort of sword like stand in.
There are different coloured borders for the suits which can be helpful, but if you don't like borders, this deck does have large ones, so you may not want that. A brief description is also written on the top and bottom of each card. This may be helpful for beginners, but might annoy some more experienced folks. Personally I don't mind them, but can take it or leave it.

Companion Book
The instruction book that comes with it is small but informative. It has a page or two per each card and gives the meaning for each card. There are no reversals with this deck, so each one is given an upright and generally positive meaning. Even more challenging cards like the 5 of swords (air in this case), you are asked to examine how you might of contributed to a negative situation, and how you can change it, rather than just blaming others. The author has also changed some of the names of the more challenging cards. For example Death is Release and the Devil is Ego. The card's meaning does not change, she just rephrased it in a more positive light. This may not sit well with everyone, but I can see that some would get a lot out of this approach.
There is also a larger companion book toucan but separately which I will review later.

Size and Weight
The deck is on the large side, so might be difficult for some to shuffle. They are the usual size for most Hay House decks. The weight is very sturdy, which I am pleased about and each card has a silver gilded edge, which is a nice touch.

The box is sturdy and fits both the deck and companion book easily. It is great for storing and is easy to open as most Hay House decks are.

If you like darker decks or are more if a tarot purest, then this deck may not be for you. If you are into Angels, unicorns or fairies, or would like a more uplifting type of oracle, then you will probably enjoy this deck.
Personally I am loving working with this deck for daily card draws and will continue to work with its gentle energy.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. I am thinking of getting a new tarot deck even though I just got two oracles. My old cards are very old and I am not sure bad energy from the past is not in them, although they seem to read ok. I also lost their book which makes it harder. I like the sound of the positive messages, that is something I could do with. Are they very religious or just the angels? because I believe in angels in a non- denomational sense.

    1. The cards aren't religious, anyone can use them. I think you'd like them as they include fairies and other mythical beings.