Saturday, 13 December 2014

Book Review - The Essential Lenormand

In October I ordered the book "the Essential Lenormand" by Rana George, off of Amazon to help me learn to read my new Lenormand cards. You may have seen the book and cards in my October haul video, where I promised a review when I had read the book. I'm not totally done yet, as I'm still working with the exercises, but I thought I would give my impressions so far.

The book is quite large and filled with great information about this particular oracle system. It is divided into three parts - the first about the authors journey and a bit about the oracle, the second part goes through each of the 36 cards, and the third part has exercises to develop your reading skills.
The first part was interesting as the author describes growing up in Lebanon and how she learnt to read the cards at a young age and
to rely on their guidance, particularly during the difficult years of war. She tells some excellent stories about her experiences and how the cards helped predict events in her and her family's life.
The second part is the biggest section of the book, and goes through the meanings of each card. It clearly lists all the meanings for each card in various contexts - like work, health, romance etc. She then gives a story or two as an example of readings involving that particular card, as well as some card combinations.

The third part is the one I'm currently working through. It involves exercises to help one learn to read the cards. It starts with journaling card combinations and the gradually leads to working on more complex spreads like the box spread - a classic 3x3 Lenormand spread. The exercises all lead up to reading the grand tablaeu, the biggest and most challenging spread involving all 36 cards.

Personally I found the book very informative and not ponderous to read despite it's size. The information is laid out clearly, and the exercises all build on each other. I enjoyed her storytelling and the examples she gave.
I also found the design of the book to be quite visually appealing, especially the second part which lays out the interpretations for each card.
I would recommend this book for anyone else looking to learn Lenornand cards.
If you have read this book or other Lenormand books, let me know your thoughts or recommendations. I'd love to hear them.

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  1. It sounds really interesting! I like the inclusion of personal stories.