Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Gods and Titans and Goddesses and Sirens Review

Last month, I was excited to finally get my hands on two oracle decks by Stacey DeMarco, and illustrated by JimmyManton - the Gods and Titans deck and the Goddesses and Sirens deck. I was particularly interested in the Gods deck as I have many goddess decks, and wanted something that represented the divine masculine to balance things out. I de used to order the Goddess deck as well, and have been combining the two decks to create a super oracle balancing both aspects of the divine.

If you like superheroes you'll love this deck. That's one word I would use to describe the style of these two decks. The men are buff and muscular as are the women. Everything is very idealized in a heroic sense. Personally some of the gods and goddesses are not at all the way I pictured them, but that comes down to personal taste. I also thought there could of been a variety of ages too as they are almost all pictures as being quite youthful by this artist. That being said, the art is very well done, and I enjoy the overall feel of the deck.

Companion Book
The book that comes with deck is very sturdy and contains a fair amount of info. Each card is covered with information on the deity and meanings. There is also suggestions for invoking and working with each God or Goddess. The only thing I wished they had done was separate the divinatory meaning from the info as you sometimes have to search in the card information for specifics.

Size and Weight
The cards are quite large, being more long than wide, so might be a little difficult for some people to handle. Personally I don't mind the size as I use them not just for divination, but also on my altar for devotion, so the large size is a plus for me.
The weight of the card stock is a bit flimsy for my taste. I would of preferred something slightly thicker.

While the card stock may not be the sturdiest, the box sure is. Typical of Blue Angel decks, the box is excellent for continuing to store the deck in. It is thick cardboard and fits both the book and deck well.

I give these decks 4 out of 5 overall. I love the choices of gods and goddesses, and that it can be both an oracle and devotional tool. I also like that you can combine the two decks together for one awesome super deck! The guide books are great and the packaging is sturdy. While the card stock leaves something to be desired, it's not the worst. I recommend these decks to anyone looking for a pagan oriented oracle deck.

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