Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review - Gilded Reverie Leonormand

I recently purchased a deck of Lenormand cards (see previous post to learn about these) as I am interested in learning to use them. I saw the Gilded Reverie deck by Ciro Machetti online and it looked beautiful so I ordered it.

I am not usually a fan of computer generated artwork, but I will make an exception for these. The images are lovely and the colours bright with lovely jewel tones. The images are straightforward as well, which is important for Lenormand cards.

Companion Book
My one complaint about this deck is the booklet it came with. It's a small white booklet with a minimum of information. I would of preferred a sturdier and more informative book.

The box the cards came in is very sturdy and closes with a magnetic lid which was quite handy. It is excellent for storing the cards in and is very portable.

Backing Art

The art on the back reflects the colour scheme of gold and jewel tones and is reversible (though that is not important with Lenormands).

Size and Weight
The cards are a nice size, not too large or small bring just a bit bigger than playing cards. I was very pleased with the card stock quality. It is very sturdy and the gilded edges are a nice touch.

I am very pleased with these cards, despite the guide book bring a bit disappointing. I did order a separate book just to help me learn them better, which I will review later on. For now I am learning what I can through the Internet and enjoying these lovely cards.

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  1. These are really lovely looking! I think I mentioned before I have to really like the art for cards and I think these would be very pleasant to use