Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sophistique Noir's Monthly theme - Black and White

This month the lovely Miss Kitty has given plus the theme of black and white. While I do like accenting my black wardrobe with some white - I do love my black and white striped tights, I thought I would do something different. When I heard "black and white" I immediately thought of photography. When I was taking photography in art school, I loved learning to make black and white photos. I love how they look old. I love the simplicity and tonal qualities. I actually did a whole series of graveyard photos that year - how gothy of me. ;)

Below are some photos I took when I was in Shrewsbury and London a few years ago in black and white.

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  1. I love your photos. Is that a Ferris wheel? Anything theme park related in black and white feels creepy to me :D

  2. Nothing is more elegant and mysterious than a good black and white photo. I, too learned to appreciate them in my college photography class. You have a great eye for composition. I especially love the contrast in the first photo.

    Ah, the London Eye. I did not ride that while I was there - too scary! :D But I can only imagine how shockingly amazing the view must be.

  3. Heehee I agree with the Goth Gardener, very creepy cool